Usa: 15-year-old Suspects Showcases 3 Students Killed At School

The shooter takes place at Oxford Township near Detroit yesterday afternoon (November 30). Currently the suspect was arrested with a shortgun but the authorities have not found the engine shooting engine of suspects. The shooting occurrence occurs 3 students killed. Oakland Michael McCabe gossip. Students are victims of the shooting at Oxford High School died

. There are 8 injured people, in which 1 is a teacher. Currently, 6 people are in stable condition and 2 people are surgically. The shooter is said to be a 15-year-old student at high school
The suspect was arrested with a short gun. The McCabe said the police had received more than 100 emergency calls overname. It is known that the shooter shot from 15 to 20 shots for about 5 minutes. American President Joe Biden was announced about the shooting. He expressed his sympathy with the victim's family. McCabe, the police have contacted the parent of the suspect and checked their home. The suspect came to the classroom and seemed to conduct the attack alone. It is unclear whether the victims shot are random or intentional.

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