Usa-indonesia With Maritime Rehearsals, Announced To Promote Commitment To Indian Ocean-pacific

On September 22, the US Cutter Munro Cutter (WMSL 755) conducted activities and rehearsals with Indonesian Duyen Week and Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) at the Strait of Singapore.0: 00/2: 09 Southern Cutter Munro Cutter (left) and Indonesian charming ship KN Pulau Dana in the rehearsal in Singapore Strait on September 22. (Us Department of Defense) In a press release given the same day, the US Embassy in Jakarta said the US and Bakamla weekly weeks participated in contact exercises between ships with ships, sports and acquisitions Wake up on the maritime field. The Munro Ship Commander, Captain Blake Novak said: "This rehearsal with Indonesian partners creates a more durable relationship, allowing the two-party crew to work together. Each each other and builds their strengths "

. Dong Novak stressed:" Strengthening alliances and partnerships will promote our unified commitment to an Indian Ocean and free Pacific region and wide open, while promoting peace, security, prosperity and sovereignty rights of all countries ". Lieutenant Novak also affirmed that the partnership between US charming week with Indonesia continues to play Strongly developed. According to the press release, in 2019, the US Cutter Stratton Cruise ship has exchanged with Bakamla in the framework of the Western Pacific Campaign, B The pond includes a visit in Batam City and rehearsal in Riau Island Province
The Stratton ship also participated in the Indonesian Navy Available and Cooperation Program in 2019. The Captain Novak said the Munro Duyen Week has left Alameda Port in California in July last in the implementation period for many months Go to the Western Pacific.Hoa under the tactical control of the US Navy 7th Fleet, Munro and the crew are participating in professional exchanges and capacity building exercises with countries Partners as well as patrolling and conducting activities according to the direction of the US Dealship in the Pacific, Vice Admiral Michael F. McAllister said: "The US Day Week is proud to participate in activities with Bakamla and Indonesian charming weeks to improve capacity, consolidate maritime governance, security and promote international order based on the law ". Admiral McAllister added that strengthening contributing partnerships Enter maritime benefits of the region in the field of searching and rescuing, law enforcement, responding to Celsius Optim of the marine environment and other fields of interest. (According to US Embassy Jakarta)

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