Usa: Taliban Will Create A ‘safe Corridor’ To The Airport In Kabul

American National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the Taliban force will provide 'a safe corridor' to facilitate people to move to the airport in the capital of Afghanistan's Kabul capital. France with Afghanistan Afghan aircraft rows at Kabul airport on August 17, 2021. Photo: AFP / TTXVN speech at a press conference at the White House on August 17, Mr. Sullivan said the US believed that the evacuation of citizens in Kabul could take place until August 31 and Washington are exchanging With the Taliban on the exact time frame for this work. The US Security Department stated: "The Taliban side informed us that they were willing to provide a 'safe execution' for people to move to the field Fly and we will force them to keep this commitment

. We believe this work can last until August 31. We will tell them about the exact schedule of implementation I can not want to negotiate publicly on how to evacuate people in the most effective way. "The above statement of Sullivan National Security Advisor was given in the US and allies West is trying to evacuate diplomats and civilians, after the Taliban force took control of Afghanistan
Thousands of American soldiers were sent to Kabul to support this evacuation work. Also according to US officials, it is still too early to discuss the US recognition of the Taliban as a legal management force in Afghanistan or Is not a stress: "There is a chaotic situation in Kabul, where we don't even have a management agency. Everything will eventually depend on the Taliban, in the fact that they show the rest of the The world see who they are and how they intend to ".The White House spokesman - Ms. Jen Psaki, Washington is prioritizing the evacuation of American citizens, Embassy staff and their families, also As the Afghan people work for US agencies and those who have applied for a special immigration visa. In the meantime, Major General Army William Taylor said the United States will continue to add 4,000 soldiers - supplement For 1,000 previously deployed soldiers - to the airport in Kabul to support the evacuation to speed up. The US also set a goal every hour will have a rescue flight to take off from this airport. In a more positive perspective, the Army Chief of Staff Nick Carter said that the international community should give the Taliban space and Time to establish a new Government in Afghanistan. Speaking to the BBC, General Carter stated: "We have to be patient and calm. We have to give them time to establish a government and demonstrate the ability their
... Taliban is a force that gathers individuals from different tribes, coming from across Afghanistan rural areas. "Carter said he had exchanged with former Afghan President Hamid Karzai - Persons who are expected to have a meeting with Taliban leaders on 18/8. The above announcements of the US and British officials are given after a Taliban's senior member claims this Islamic force will be possible. Show "another face" compared to 20 years ago, when the majority of the Taliban leaders live a hidden life. Also according to this official , Taliban members are required to celebrate this force to take control of Afghanistan, and call on people to hand over weapons and ammunitions. This official said every complaint of people about any Every Taliban member will be immediately investigated. In addition, Taliban members will participate in peace dialogue with the old government officials to ensure that they feel safe. Thanh Phuong / TTXVN

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