Usd Exchange Rate, Euro On December 1: Usd Declined In A Faulty Economic Worry

The exchange rate on 1/12 of the trend according to the trend of the dollar in the international market declined sharply in the context of Omicron transformation investors can cause the world economy to fault again. : 00/2: 11 NAM NAM DAY 1/12, the State Bank announced the central exchange rate of Vietnam Dong with USD at: 23,143 VND. 22,650 VND - 23,787 Dong. The euro price at the SBV Department of Transactions bought - sold: VND 25,441 - 27,015 dong. USD price at commercial banks to buy and sell as follows: USD exchange rate board at banks Commercial goods EURO price at commercial banks to buy and sell as follows: Euro exchange rate board at Commercial banks in the 30th trading session on the US market (November 30, Vietnam), only US Dollar Number Index (DXY), measurement of green silver co-fluctuations with 6 key coins (EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, SEK, CHF) stand at 95

.69 points. Green silver in the international market Strong decline in the context I Investing in anxiety of Omicron strains can make the world economy fault again. Moderna said that Omicron reduces the effectiveness of the vaccine
Accordingly, the world will take months to develop and ship a specific vaccine with the Omicron transformation. However, it also needs more time to determine the impact of the Omicron variant with the effectiveness of the vaccine. The first Covid-19 complex was discovered in South Africa and has appeared in more than a dozen countries, Make many countries re-issue limited travel measures. The World Health Organization (WHO) Classification of Omicron is a worthy variant, at the same level with the Delta variant. USD price, Euro on December 1: USD decreases sharply. The US Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell believe the Omicron variant causes a threat to the Fed's mission in stabilizing prices, increasing the maximum job. On the domestic market, at the end of the 30/11 trading session, the State Bank announced The central exchange rate of Vietnam dong with USD is at: 23,139 Dong. The reference price at the SBV's Exchange to sell: VND 22,650 - 23,783 Dong. EURE price at the SBV's Exchange 25,335 dong - 26,902 Dong. USD price at commercial banks to buy and sell as follows: Vietcombank: 22,600 dong - 22,800 DongVietinBank: 22,500 dong - 22,780 euro price at commercial banks to buy and sell like Following: Vietcombank: VND 25,268 - 26,395 DongVietinBank: VND 24,884 - 26,174 VND

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