Usd Weakened, The Price Of Gold Was Increased Sharply

Today's gold price (August 17) turned on due to weakened dollars and the market received much economic information that disappointed from the US. Opide this morning, the world gold price is trading at 1,789 USD / ounce. , an increase of 10 USD / ounce compared to the beginning of the morning. Gold delivered December on Comex New York floor at 1,788 USD / ounce. World gold price changed at USD price of VND 50

.1 million / tael, excluding tax and fees, lower about 6.6 million Copper / tael compared to domestic gold price by the end of the afternoon of 16 per 8.USD weakened, the world gold price was strongly increased
(Artwork) The gold price today increased in the context of the market to receive production data in the first half of August was disappointing from the US, when this index fell sharply to 18.3 points, compared to 43 points of the month 7. Besides, inflationary pressure also continues to rise higher when companies transfer costs to consumers. The report said that the sales price index has increased to a new record of 46 points, up from the previous record of 39.40 points. On the stock market, global stock indexes turn The opposite dynamic, in which the US stock index fell sharply. Many investors said that, US inflation increased sharply to be as simple as the US Federal Reserve (FED) had alert. This may make the FED continue to delay the tightening of the monetary policy, thereby the attractiveness of gold has increased again. The decline of the USD and US government bond yields are also forecast to continue to support the precious metal products. In the domestic market, the domestic gold price, ending the trading session on July 16 , Doji Gemstone Gold Group listed SJC gold price in Hanoi area at: 56
15 million dong / tael (buying) and 57.70 million dong / tael (sold). Gold and Silver Company Saigon listed gold prices today at: 56.55 million dong / tael (buying) and 57.27 million dong / tael (sold) .pv

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