Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Reduce Greasy Hair Conditions, Oil Skin: Both Simply Easy To Do

Apple vinegar is considered a new beauty of girls. With effective use with skin and hair, cider vinegar helps reduce the condition of hair and oily skin.1. Hair care with apple vinegar conditions (oil hair) is because the scalp secreted more than the oil so the hair always seemed wet and or was beaten together. Easy oil hair, fast itching, fast itching, causing a lack of confidence and people with oil hair must shampoo daily to reduce the feeling of itching, the hair sticky

. To reduce the condition of hair Try the scalp massage with apple cider vinegar. After shampooing with shampoo, rinse the hair with about 500ml cold water a tablespoon apple cider vinegar. Massage gently scalp within 5-10 minutes then wash with cold water
You should maintain a week from 3-4 times to clearly see the effectiveness. Apple apple will clean up the dirt and reduce greasy secretion so the scalp will be open, the hair will be shiny without sticking. Apple vinegar also helps the hair strong, faster and stronger. Also with natural beauty and anti-yeast properties, apple vinegar helps prevent and minimize the scalp dandruff. This helps the scalp and the condition of dandruff also decreases significantly. Skin care with apple cider vinegar helps to provide pH for the skin and improves the fear of sublime and the amount of oil accumulating on the skin. Apple vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acid to remove the accumulation of dead skin and form healthy new skin cells, thus helping the skin smooth, softer. For the face you can use Apply apple vinegar as a type of toner after the steps using cleanser. You can mix 2 pieces of pure apple vinegar and pure water at a ratio of 1: 3, to enter a clean glass bottle in a refrigerator using 3-4 times in a week to minimize oily and sebum skin. This formula is suitable for Ai Leather and Skin Mixed Leather, sensitive skin people should not try
In addition to cider vinegar also helps reduce apples to reduce acne, dotting a few drops of apple vinegar on the acne several times Will see a small collapse, red swelling also decreases. Nature (General)

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