Use This Food, Drinks To Reduce Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety and stress can make the cravings increase strongly, but eating at the moment is very important because it easily causes the body to load unnecessary calories and harm healthy : 00/4: 55 Southern region of modern living, work and daily concerns are easy to make people feel nervous and worried. When worried or have any symptoms of these conditions, many people find food like a healing therapy to feel better. Mainly in that moment, food can become bad enemies Because it makes people consume unnecessary calories and accompanying then feel reorganized for consuming them. What becomes a vicious cycle that is difficult to get rid of, but fortunately, there are some easy ways to mentally better that health is still guaranteed.Iai candy illustration

. Treatment is very simple but effective when stressed. When starting to feel restless or uncomfortable, people can chew gum without sugar to help calm and focus. In addition, according to research, chewing sugar-free gum can reduce calories, while increasing the amount of burning energy every day
When you feel worried and want to seek anything, choose a cup of tea to relax. Not only helps feel more relaxed that tea can also provide water to the body and remove toxins. Most importantly, the feeling of insecurity, worries will lose, and satisfaction, comfort will stay. People can try taking tea with lemon leaves and basil, they have anti-stressful effects or drink red tea with antioxidants and help control appetite. Not with caffeine drinks or any kind Which drinks contain caffeine, are enemies of calm and relaxation. This substance is often combined with sugar, increasing the amount of adrenaline in the body along with stressful and worried symptoms. After that, a vicious circle is activated, people feel more stressful and want to eat more. That's why instead of having breakfast with coffee or drinking soda at lunch, the best choice is a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade. Added a little chili to the food Number of studies declared that more spicy peppers At meals can reduce appetite. Capsaicin - The quality of chili spicy, causing the body to feel full and burned more calories than other foods
This is because the body uses more energy to heat treatment from spicy peppers. So if you feel worried, people can try this tip to satisfy the appetite and avoid eating back immediately after the end of the meal. But note not to use this way every day, because the body will be used to and does not bring the effect as if the food is red and yellow, it must not many people know that the color has a great influence on appetite . When seen a meal or a red or yellow packaging, the brain will activate a series of mechanisms that make us feel hungry. That's why it should avoid food with these colors in the kitchen if we want to lose weight. That way, people will easily avoid the appetite and appetite when they feel stressed. The foods help produce "Happy Hormone" serotonin known as "Happy Hormone", because of it It is responsible for adjusting human mood. When the serotonin level is low, people tend to be more stressful and unstable emotions, which can make us appet more than a larger number. It is important to correct serotonin in the body to have a balanced diet. Normally, the body will adjust the serotonin level in the body but can also eat Tryptophan-rich foods (a substance to increase the amount of serotonin) such as pineapple, sticky vegetables, plums and fruits. With olive oil at breakfast everyone likes a hearty breakfast, especially on the weekend. However, a study found that the food rich in unsaturated fat, such as avocado, olive oil and nuts, very effective in sending the signal brain that we have eaten enough. If we are going through a stress period, consider eating bread with a little olive oil for breakfast. Such a menu can help people avoid eating too much due to worrying. Sink the fragrance of mint has evidence that the aroma of mint can act as a good supplement to reduce appetite and help Consumption less calories over the day. People can keep a peppermint essential oil and sniff every time they feel uncomfortable or stressful. This way helps people not only enjoy the pleasant aroma but also help the body not eat unnecessary foods. Healthy foods when feeling restless if there are extremely stressful stress symptoms and start Feeling uncontrollable, the best people should still eat something instead of trying to force themselves. But note things to choose to use. In general, especially walnut seeds

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