Using A Batch Of Sunburn Skin Is Improperly Doing And Doing Nor

Using aloe vera to treat sunburn skin is how many people often do. But not everyone knows how to do 'standard only' and make mistakes in curing sunburned skin as below.0: 00/2: 12 male Huyen Huyen1. Using aloe vera containing oil waxthough aloe vera can help soothe the red rash, but you should pay attention to the gel of aloe which you are applying to the skin. Some artificial ingredients, such as benzocaine or Lidocaine, can make the skin irritated worse and itching

. According to doctors, you should use pure aloe making cream to treat sunburned skin. Wearing tight clothes, she should wear tight or tight clothes when you are sunburned. Wearing tight clothes in the sunburned skin will make that skin inflammation, heavier and blistering
Instead of wearing jeans pipes, wear wide clothes made from breathable fabrics, such as Cotton.3. Drinking coffee snacks often cause headaches and drinking coffee will make you feel worse. When in the sun is too long, you will be dehydrated, and need to drink water to replace the amount of liquid lost in the body. Caffeine in coffee is a diuretic agent, it makes you go to the toilet more often and make your body take a lot of liquids and minerals needed.4. Make your makeup can easily cover the sunlight peeling by makeup but it's not good for the skin at all. If you have to makeup, avoid using thick cosmetics and use soft brush to makeup. If you want a new sunburn, let the skin ventilated. Exfoliation of dead skin can hurt the skin of sunburns more
Instead, leave the skin to be healed with naturally. Applying the whole body cream with a full body cream can moisturize the skin damaged by the sun, but choose an unchanged cream. Alcohol helps products penetrate into the skin but it can also remove the natural oil layer of DA.7. Drink orange orange juice contains many antioxidants, which can make the skin sensitive to light. You can still drink orange juice if applying sunscreen and avoiding direct sunlight after drinking orange juice.8. Using SPF moisturizing cream You can think that SPF moisturizing cream will help the skin not catch the sun, but it is not the best way to protect the skin from the harm of the sun. Use sunscreen instead of moisturizing cream with sun protection index. Learn Huyen - Follow Brightside

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