Using The Virtual Live Photo App Can Be Considered Illegal In Norway

The Norwegian government hopes that the new law will help Norwegian teenagers begmically obsessed by the APP of photos and non-practical beauty standards. Also the Hill reported, advertisers and people There are influential influence in Norway if posting photos without annoting an image editing or not being considered illegal. Newly approved at Norwegian Parliament Agency, Stortinget, with number Voucher 72-15 on 2 months. This Law will take effect when the Norwegian King issues a decision on the legislative decision. This is a modification in the 2009 Marketing and Control Act

. The revision of the person who posted a clear note of editing applications was applied on the photo, such as Filter of Snapchat and Instagram.Theo Vice, the paid / sponsored ads must be attached to the labeling of the "online surgery" parts such as "lip stretching", "shrinking waist", "Blazing muscles" .
. the government Norway hope this will help fight unrealistic beauty standards, when debates around "Kroppspress" (meaning "body pressure") are going to live in this country. In The initial proposal sent to the Norwegian Parliament, the Ministry of Children and the family cited some studies to support their views. For example, anorexia is the third most common cause of death in young girls (according to the National Public Health Institute). "Young people are under great pressure on beauty standards online . Today, advertising news, social networks, and many models displayed on the network are digitally edited before posting up. That makes the young people obsess to obsess on a beautiful beauty standard Just "- The Ministry said in the proposal. Some of the leading influential people in Norway, such as the author Martine Halvorsen, the host Janka Polliani and YouTuber Agete" Agnetesh "Husebye has received this news Shen cohort. "Young people are growing up with an ideal fake beauty" - Husebye, who is awarded 'people with influence of the year' at Gala award Vixen 2019, told Verdens Gang - " I feel the new law will help them understand that it is not your real appearance, it has been edited ".minh Khue - CTV

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