Value Vietcombank Heads To Top 25 Financial Brand Companies

In the list of 25 leading financial brands in Vietnam, the banking industry accounts for the largest proportion with 17 representatives, the next is securities and insurance, the total value of 25 brands reached 3.95 billion USD. : 00/3: 13 narrays illustrated. (Photo: Vietnam) According to representatives of Vietnam Foreign Trade Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Vietcombank), with a value of $ 705 million, the unit is at the forefront of the value in the list of 25 leading financial brands in Vietnam due to Forbes Vietnam announced in newspapers released in September. Book of 25 Leading Financial Brands in Vietnam published by Forbes Vietnam including companies operating in the financial sector are banks, securities and securities insurance

. The total value of 25 led financial brands reached 3.95 billion USD. In the list, the banking industry accounted for the largest proportion with 17 representatives, the next is securities with 5 representatives and insurance industry with 3 represent
Due to the size and operational properties, the banking industry also accounted for 14 leading positions in the list.Forbes Vietnam performs this list when the Wave of Covid-19 breaks the fourth most serious negative impact Economics and society. When calculating, Forbes Vietnam finds the value of some Vietnamese banks that have surpassed or approached strong opponents in the region. The term in the middle of July and the capital of Vietcombank exceeded Commercial Siam Bank (SCB) - The largest bank of Thailand and on the road with the largest financial institution Malaysia is Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank). Compare with the two banks, although the total Vietcombank assets are still distance but are marketed In which, there are high-priced foreign financial institutions based on the growth area of the financial market, internal strength and growth rate of enterprises.forbes Vietnam calculates and announces the list of trades The most valuable name in Vietnam for the first time in 2016. In the sixth of the list, Forbes Vietnam has an important adjustment. Accordingly, instead of performing a synthesis list as five years ago, since 2021, Forbes Vietnam focuses on calculating the brand value of companies in a particular field. This adjustment aims to expand the subjects of calculations and focus in depth in each field. On the other hand, with a long enough time looking at the list can see the change, development of the business
Between September, YouGov - an international data research and analysis company, is headquartered in the UK And now in more than 40 countries have also announced the insurance brand rankings, Vietnam Bank in 2021 (Vietnam Banking

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