Vamc Debt Trading Floor: New Start, Focus New, New Results

Exchange with the Securities Investment Newspaper, Mr. Doan Van Thang, General Director of the Property Management Company of Vietnamese Credit Institutions (VAMC) said that the VAMC debt trading floor after more than 1 month goes into operation The principle has signed a principle of requesting the brokerage to sell bad debts / assets to ensure the first two credit institutions with the original outstanding debt of over VND 4,000 billion - a positive signal to resolve the next issues. Official VAMC debt comes into operation from 15/10 / 2021Sau long time waiting, VAMC debt trading floor has officially went into operation, can you share specific on this floor? Based on the project Structure and capacity building of VAMC in the period of 2017-2020 and towards 2022 together with Decision 28 / QD-NHNN dated January 5, 2018 of the State Bank and VAMC's development strategy to 2025, Orientation to 2030 together with Decision No. 2024 / QD-NHNN dated November 27, 2020 approved by the State Bank, VAMC has developed a project to establish a debt trading floor. April 28, 2021, Ngan State goods with Official Dispatch No

. 2 973 / NHNN-TTGSNH approved the establishment of a debt trading floor. On May 13, 2021, VAMC issued Decision No. 10 / QD-HDTV to set up a limited liability company a limited liability manager of Vietnamese credit institutions - Branch of debt trading floor ( VAMC debt trading floor), is the dependent unit of VAMC, operating in accordance with the law, according to the organization's organization and operation, internal regulations of VAMC
By October 15, 2021, the official debt trading floor went into operation with the organizational structure including the Board of Directors and the professional departments. For the main activities of the current debt trading floor, it was creation set up official, transparent and objective information channels on bad debts; Introduction, providing information about bad debts and security assets of bad debts on the basis of dossier and documents provided by customers. Make advisory services for bad debts and security assets of bad debts on legal documents; conditions, methods of buying and selling and handling; analyzing, evaluating, legal advice, risks of bad debts and security assets of bad debts; Completing the contract to buy, sell and record related documents ... Mr. Doan Van Thang, General Director of Asset Management Company of Vietnamese Credit Institutions (VAMC) Performing professional and substance services Quality for brokerage activities, advice on buying, selling bad debts, security assets of bad debts: negotiating to agree on the purchase and sale; arrange and organize the parties to sign contracts and support the Parties to complete the necessary procedures in accordance with the law; Developing data warehouses on bad debts, security assets of bad debts ... with a team of staff with a lot of practical experience in handling debt, in-depth in the relevant fields, with prestige and capacity His, along with the support and companion of credit institutions, debt sales organizations, asset management companies, credibility for investors, VAMC debt trading floor striving Thanh's leading professional consultancy and brokerage units in Vietnam on bad debt handling
Operational mechanisms, entities participating in transactions on VAMC debt trading floor include: VAMC is an organization and management unit work; Credit institutions, debt management and asset exploitation companies (AMC) under commercial banks, organizations and individuals shall conduct their debt trading and natural and commodities Trading on a debt trading floor is mainly bad debts of credit institutions and assets of bad debts. After more than 1 month go into operation, make sure the debt trading floor has links Original fruits? Currently, VAMC debt trading floor is basically ensured the conditions to operate as prescribed. On the basis of document No. 506 / VAMC-SGDN sends credit institutions, AMC, organizations, individuals and direct work results on invitation to participate in registration as a member of the debt trading floor, calculated By November 15, 2021, 33 approved units were members, including credit institutions, AMC and other organizations and individuals. Debt transactions have signed a principle contract. Proposing brokers to sell bad debts / assets to ensure with the first two credit institutions with principal outstanding of 4,000 billion dong. Although the debt trading floor has come into operation, but perhaps more solutions need to be needed To develop a more professional debt trafficking market, more effectively? In fact, the Vietnam debt trading market is still on, not encouraging investors to participate due to lack of environment to restore businesses and early Private words as well as creating and promoting the liquidity of debts. The creation of a debt trading market with the goal of creating trade and profitability for debt buyers from debt purchased is necessary, contributing to promoting the effectiveness of bad debt handling for the system. Mini credit institutions.Theo, VAMC recommends a number of solutions to develop debt trafficking in the coming time. For example, in the legal framework, the mechanisms and policies regulate the operation of the actual participants of the debt purchase market is not complete, synchronous, which is scattered at documents, including Includes Decrees and Regulations

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