Van Lam Returned And The Competition Was In The Position Of Viet Nam Goalkeeper

Coach Park Hang-SEO officially calls goalkeeper Dang Van Lam to prepare for the 3rd World Cup 2022 of Vietnam. This means to create competition for the temple position of Vietnam: 00/3: 44 Southern region and tons of schools? To prepare for the third round of World Cup 2022, Coach Park Hang- SEO has summoned 31 players and associations from the beginning of August. Of the 31 players, there were 3 goalkeepers summoned by Bui Tan Truong (Hanoi FC), Nguyen Van Toan (Hai Phong FC) and Nguyen Van Hoang (SLNA). In the first two matches of Vietnam's 3rd qualifiers will take place in September, there will be nothing to change when the 3 goals are summoned will be filled in the last list of previous listings The match takes place when the organizers are each team to register 3 Goalkeepers. However, on August 18, Park Hang -o coach decided to summon the goalkeeper Dang Van Lam, which means 1 of the remaining 3 names that will not be registered

. On August 29 in Saudi Arabia.Theo information from the Vietnam Football Federation, Van Lam will not return to the country of Vietnam, instead of the 1993 player will fly straight from Japan to Saudi Arabia on August 29. Thus, Van Lam will have a period of 3 days to express itself, thereby looking for the opportunity to catch the main
Park Hang-seo coach summoned Van Lam will be happy for Vietnam and it also creates The competition fiercely for the No. 1 position in the wooden frame of Vietnam Tel. In the three names, perhaps the tons of schools will be the person who can compete the most flat with Van Lam, Van Toan will be the third choice when the young goalkeeper of Hai Phong FC always receives the attention of Coach Park Hang -Seo. And Van Hoang will be the most weakest person, because in the second round of World Cup 2022 goalkeeper SLNA was eliminated before Vietnam Tel turned on to UAE but "89 minutes" Van Hoang received good news to contribute to The teammates when Van Lam could not be a member of Cezero Osaka's players positive to Covid-19.The monsters will compete for the location of Vietnam's wooden frame with Van Lam.If to compare in the race to win The location of Vietnam's wooden frame must be assessed that it is the competition of "eight-sang, half-weight". It is difficult to identify between Van Lam and Tan Truong when both goalkeepers have their own quantities. At Van Lam always gave Coach Park Hang-seo about safety and it was important to understand this overseas goalkeeper very well in tactics and tactics of the training committee. Meanwhile, Tan Truong shows the right when it comes to "Ginger's older ginger". Wait from the Park Master Choose under Time of Coach Park Hang-SEO since working in Vietnam, causing people admire
If in the beginning of 2018, Phan Van Duc was summoned for the Asian U23 prize, which was successful, the callback of the German striker competition in AFF Cup 2018 only made a clear spot of this coach. Coach Park Hang-SEO will be the one choosing to the goalkeeper's position of Vietnam. Titles with Vietnam Tel for many years. However, the most unfavorable advantage of this overseas Vietnamese goalkeeper is the form, though in Cezero Osaka's shirt, Van Lam has two main arrest matches and has 2 convincing victories for the master team Admin. In the middle of which, Tan Truong was taking the belief of fans as well as the training committee. At the second round of World Cup 2022, Hanoi FC players arrested both 3 and only to reach the last match with the UAE. It can be seen that, now Van Lam and Tan Truong will make Coach Park Hang-SEO to choose people worthy and have the most trust for No. 1 position in Vietnam's goal. The Literacy or Tan Truong, even Van Toan or Van Hoang was still a question mark at this time when everything was not decided, but the new conviction of Van Lam would create attraction and drama. . According to the first calendar, Vietnam's first match against Saudi Arabia will take place at 20:00 on September 2 at the local time (ie 0 hours on September 3 by Vietnam time).

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