Van Mai Huong Opened Skincare Chat, Revealing The Beauty Of Beauty ‘not Interested In Money’

Fans wondered that, why she was so famous without using high-end products expensive for the skin beauty cycle and the answers of the new scent of Mai Huong remarkable 9: 00/2 : 50 Nou southern southern side of the diet vocal and internal force, Van Mai Huong is also famous as the star with beautiful skin, stretching like a mirror. Although it was quite closed on the social network, but the skin care was separately, she was quite comfortable to share with fans. Recently, on Instagram, the female singer opened the FAQ to answer all fans' questions about his skin care cycle. Follow the new followers, the celebrities have a beautiful beauty perspective compared to what we think. Lady's leather is always the desire of sisters

. The female singer does not own white skin but is very smooth and less defective. Institially, she is also a player who plays the product system from nature. The voice of the first snow season likes to use coconut oil to nourishes, eyebrows and skin care
Nhe come here to came here. Apply valuable in the sky but people often buy it. Typically, there was a fans asking: "Ms. High Income So Why Don't I choose High End products?" (High end is a high-end product line from prestigious brands, with a high selling price and luxury.) Van Mai Huong immediately replied, she chose the product suitable for the skin, not interested in money Because not the expensive product is going to suit your face. He has been over 7749 types of products, she thinks that he does not stand anti-aging product lines, so she now chooses Safety products with skin. So how did her skincare steps can Glowy be like that? Of course she must also give up the clock every day to loves the afternoon and taking care of the skin and taking care of the skin today. Saigon time is stretching, she has many opportunities to take care of the skin more close to the mist ..
10 steps all. It seems a lot but if you look at every step, everyone finds these basic skin care steps that I still do every day. Properties 1: Remove the makeup, wash your face very clean. After a long day of activity, the skin will be affected by the effects of the environment, smoke, air pollution ... Therefore, every day washing will help remove dirt, sebumes for the skin Ventilation, clean and healthier. Steep 2: Gentle exfoliation (2-3 times / week). Especially with regular face makeup as she cannot ignore this stage to limit pores. Also exfoliating also helps to accelerate the process of regenerating skin cells, stimulating collagen production thus helping to blur scars and bruises. Props 3: Use toner to balance skin. Mask, Van Mai Huong will change different types depending on the skin condition. After removing the mask, she didn't wash her face and just grabbed the cotton gently. NEWS 5: Apply serum to rejuvenate, moisturize, whiten skin and tighten pores.Step 6: Use eye cream to fight Wrinkles, anti-darkness and reduce puffiness. Female singer stressed this is an indispensable thing, she also invested 2-3 kinds of products for eyes.Step 7: Moisturizing is an important step to lock all the essences of the steps on the skin .Step 8: Sleep mask also to promote faster than metabolism and skin regeneration, helping to eliminate old skin cells, enhance new cell production. She uses 2 times / week.Step 9: Lip nursing mask or lip balm so that the lips are always stretched and hydrated. Needs 10: Applying the mi nursing essence and stimulating eyebrow. End, with those who are Being acne or in the process of healing acne needs to add skin care ingredients with vitamin C to blur in darkness and hard to sleep early. Also, acne skin should not abuse the washing machine but should reduce the frequency of use Back to reduce greasy. Why is the famous skin skin so smooth? Because they do not take controversial beauty measures on face like shaving with a razor for example. Instead, go to the dermatologist or go to a hairy spa. Yellow hair

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