Varane Is The Most Quality Rookie Of Mu

Not outstanding like Cristiano Ronaldo But Raphael Varane still deserves Man United's most rice bowl in this season. At the present time, MU fans can classify the quality of the contract Last summer, of course with the most basic sensory. Jadon Sancho is clearly the most disappointing person, especially when he is the player with the highest transfer price. If in this criterion, Ronaldo must be the most effective rookie, when scoring 5 points later 6 games, despite the cheapest purchase price. However, talking about the level of contribution to the common gameplay, nobody is more than Varane - the solverly almost a problem that exists in defense

.Ronaldo scored very well, but MU does not lack the median scored. Last season, Mason Greenwood and Edinson Cavani had a total of 29 minutes in every arena. Ronaldo's return is of course welcome, but it is not too urgent demand
Varane is adapting very quickly at the Muzhi Pair with Harry Maguire in the center of the new defense is an urgent issue. And with 34 million pounds, the Red Devils have thoroughly resolved, even though the irony statistics do not show that.Mu is undergoing the worst home defense achievement in 50 years in a row 9 matches in Old Trafford. However, Varane only played 3 matches of them, and the more not the person who made a mistake. MU's bad defense will come from many factors, which stands out is the outgoing form of British couple Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw on the left half. In the opposite side, Varane used a full-time to cover the lining for Aaron Wan-Bissaka. In the tables losing that Mu had to receive this season, it was difficult to blame Varane's individuals in any case. Pay attention to Varane's parameters to see the class of the World Cup champion and 4 times the Champions League.Varane heads MU at the cut ball with 11 times. Varane has 35 dangerous ball breaks, ranking second after Maguire (43)
The French midfielder made a 6-phase glossy, only Shaw alone (7). Varane also blocked 11 enemy shots, only after Wan-Bissaka (16). He won the war 15 times, second after Maguire (18). Varane statistics in Mungo in place, Varane is still extremely calm when deploying the ball - which is difficult to interpret with numbers. If the Maguire partner as well as the middle line of MU plays better, the contribution of Varane will be given correctly. Phuc with the beginning of this adventure. Premier League is a famous tournament with terrible intensity. The atmosphere is very different, the spirit of the players is generally different. I have to learn how to approach another match and It was a new experience. I feel excited to play and step out of your safety area, finding a place based on teammates. I have to defend another way and it is extremely interesting With me ".Theo Ha Trang / Bongdaplus

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