Variable ‘enemy’ Into Emotions

6 years of life, I and I don't have many quarrels. However, every time 'fighting', we finally feel sad and frustrated about 'enemy'. Every time we deliberately hidden all the children not to let the children know but this time, this time is not available.0: 00/3: 00 nestrials illustrated, I have to feel the relaxation into a cool autumn ball instead of getting angry right now. In addition, if I'm not tired, angry, I can sit back, waiting to talk to you after the whole family finished breakfast and the children returned to their room

. But the problem is ..
I can't. "You're done a little bit," I'm talking about from the living room when you're cleaning up the dining table. He did not answer but knew would be an argument but unknown causes. No different every day, today is still a busy day waiting for me, with a pile of paper, books need me to handle. I have about 15 minutes to resolve exasperation if I want to send your children to the grandparents' house on time. I hope that time just enough to create a little change to me and you. There are not many debates that occur between my husband and wife for 6 years of life. And the results are often the same: both are angry, feeling sad because the mate does not recognize the right, full of their contributions. Or both are angry because the other half makes me sad, even disappointed. Normally, I and I tried to "hide" controversy and not let my two children see
But this morning doesn't. After cleaning, he walked to sit in front of the table to drink water, opposite me and asked: "Is there anything?" "I want you to stop promising you and don't do it." Because he always promised to buy toys, for using the phone ... to lure obedient children, listen to the words, especially when they eat or study. I reminded but he continued. I don't like you promise to be so that the kids don't believe the words of adults say it is the second night I insomnia. In the morning, the fatigue increased when I heard him continuing to promise the children who would buy toys, provided that they ate all the bowl of cereal milk and the attached small cake. I and I argue back and forth, we are like turning the opponent into "the barrel" to remove the negative emotions of herself. I suddenly discovered that the two children were having their room door to listen . Unlike hiding tries first, this time I gave a smile to call and wave the two small children out of the living room. "You can hear your parents talking big right?" Heying me asked that both of them nodded with an anxious face that didn't know what happened. "Do you want to know why my parents say so big?", I asked and the two children nodded for the second time. I explained to the children I was tired of sleeping and their father promised and Last promised many times should make me angry. And he reassured the children more that we are trying to deal with everything well. The children's expression was more happy and felt more peace of mind when he heard the apology but their parents spent each other, I would promise and promise, I will stop overgrace too much. I hope you will understand in a nice, happy relationship still sometimes happening unhappy, unlikely. But in the end everything has a suitable way of dealing with hours, I'm always afraid I see your parents argue, but turned out to "invite" they witnessed, to explain to them to understand what was necessary. Moreover, this also helps my husband and wife "cool down" the anger right.

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