‘variable’ Minivan Cars Into Mobile Houses Only 91 Million Vnd

In order to meet the needs of those who want to pursue 'Life Valve or Mobile Home', Vanlab brand has developed and provides new DIY kits very convenient for quite soft prices. At some places above The world, the movement of "Valve Life" has exploded recently because of the extensive ways of social and widespread ways, causing the impact on everyone's travel and travel activities. Life adventure everywhere on a car Valve mobile home comfort is a solution for that situation, and more and more people feel like such a free life. New Zealand with Call Vanlab provided a "Valid car conversion kit to a convenient camping car that many people still dreamed of". It is a quality IKEA style kit, allowing you to easily assemble yourself at your home

. Each kit for minivan cars is made of high quality wood and designed by a thick team Experiment to maximize space and functions. However, one point to note is that no valve car is also suitable for using the Vanlab kit. For example, in the US market, the company only provides a conversion kit for three models including Nissan NV200, Chevrolet City Express and Ford Transit LWB
The company also diversified the size of kits when providing 3 small, medium, and large sizes of kits for this minovan car designed with smart functions, because everything is independent. Thus, the car owner can convert from multi-purpose beds into a living room in just a few seconds and don't even need to leave the vehicle. Also, it also has kitchen tools inside / outside, and socks Other utilities (batteries, fuse tables, wiring, freshwater / gray warehouses, trash, refrigerators, etc.) have access to access locations. Price face, house kit set Mobile for Nissan NV200 and Chevy City Express will have a retail price of 3,999 USD (about VND 91 million), while the kit for Ford Transit LWB costs $ 7,995 (over 180 million VND). These are amounts with the level The price is quite affordable to turn a vehicle in a convenient, quality camping vehicle that many people love translators towards.Video: turning minivan cars into mobile houses.

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