Vbiz Actors Are Moving When Publicly Sharing Their Maternal Images As Workers Who Move Garbage On The Street

The story of the mother of actor Phan Tan (Tan Tru) causes many people to emotivity.0: 00/1: 07 nam nuoiNam here, the Tan Tru actor has posted the image of a woman working in labor, go Collect garbage outside the street. This woman is no one else is his mother. Although she was tense epidemics, she still went to clean up, collecting garbage for fear of affecting everyone's living environment around.Nam actor said: "Know anyone here? Mother is everyone, I asked My mother: "Mother, translation is like that she is not afraid or why do I go to work so much?" My neighbor is rotten

. I only know how to pray for my mother to be healthy ". After turning sharing the story of my mother on a personal page, many netizens expressed my touching and sent wishes to the mother's mother Tablets. It is known that Tan Tru's mother is now outside 60 years old and is living with his actor's brother
Because of health, she still likes workers, retired but she still receives pouring waste for the area street. In addition, every month of Tan Tru deposited money to Mother. Ngan Tru and Mother.

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