Vegetarian Weight Loss With These 2 Things, Not Only Fatty Fat

Weight loss must pay attention to a healthy diet. There are 'loud' foods that are vegetarian but eating, making it more fat, need attention. In the era is only beautiful and beautiful, many people attempted to lose weight. Want to lose weight successfully, they are forced to control eating and enhance training. Many people when losing weight will choose to be vegetarian because they think just stay away from meat, fish, fat will quickly lose weight

. But in fact, weight loss must pay attention to a healthy diet. There are "speaking" foods that are vegetarian but eating, making you fat more fat, need to pay attention. The first is dry vegetables
Green leafy vegetables contain less calories, how much it is not easy to gain weight so some business facilities take advantage of lazy psychology when losing weight of many people who advertise that eating dry and delicious vegetables and help Healthy weight loss. Many people also believe this ad, they think that only vegetables and tubers will be vegetarian, absolutely no fat, so purchased and used regularly. Mediterranean, dry vegetables have a delicious taste, in fact the processing process is added to a lot of additives, sometimes can be used as junk food but if used to lose weight, the more you eat. So, if you really want to lose weight, keep shape, use fresh vegetables, tubers, fruits. Every day alternately change, so good for health. Monday is a ship. Ship the jar is considered vegetarian meat, the reason is tasty, relieved, very close. It is a product from soybeans, rich in high quality proteins. The ship itself also has a relatively high calorie, every 100 grams containing 485 kcal, it is really not a wise choice when losing weight. Besides, the ship is only boiled, it can be less fat , if frying or mixing mix, there will be more spices, grease, eating to lose weight, actually counterproduct, more long-term eating There are many other shortcomings
So want to be vegetarian properly, do so any? Practically proving, vegetarian adds eggs and milk will not cause serious nutritional deficiency. If you want to be vegetarian to lose weight, don't ignore eggs and milk. If not when weighing, the skin will also deteriorate, the worst is a healthy health, both leaning, old people. Added there, vegetarians schools should not only eat beans, fungi, vegetables Fresh fruits but also ask a doctor to think about consulting, supplementing synthetic vitamins and fiber, there are so new health guarantees. Readers watch videos: Fasting properly, distant to stay away. Source VTC1. Example (according to ne)

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