Vera Wang Wears Sexy Lingerie In Birthday 72

The designer interface many different types of outfits in a birthday party with friends 09: 00/1: 58 namthun day on July 1, Vera Wang posted a 72th birthday party with the name "Vera Wang Party Prosecco ". The designer appeared in many different outfits with the main sexy spirit of each individual with a separate context like kitchen space, terrace, ballroom ... "Cher, eat ice cream cake and lift up My friends

. Prosecco Party, "she expressed.Vera Wang posted a sexy lingerie image. All costumes in the frames are taking the slender physique of Vera Wang
She is not afraid of floating colors like neon green or costumes with sparkling sequin material. However, the most noticed image is the designer wearing sexy lingerie showing off her slender body. At the age of 72. Many people suggest looking at the image of Vera Wang do not think she has more than 70 years old. Other numbers said that the designer kept the youth thanks to the mode of practice and daily eating. "I look Entering the physique and how to wear Vera Wang's clothes just thought she was only 30 years old, unexpectedly over 70 years old. I will study according to her way to preserve your own beauty ", account @MSSIMONEB Comments. In Birthday parties, designers like high-quality neon color costumes. The balanced shape is the result of the Vera Wang science regime itself sets themselves. Besides, daily eating stories are also important
She used to share the meals in the interview with Harper's Bazaar. Breakfast includes yogurt, fruit or eggs. On the holiday, Vera Wang eats the black bread clip of smoked salmon and lemon juice. After finishing the meal, she will practice gentle weightlifting. The designer does not have lunch outside, unless there is an appointment with a partner. However, she never missed the meal.Wang shared: "I like to eat sashimi cooked with brown rice and vegetables, broccoli steamed chicken with rice" .be only drink water and remove carbonated drinks From the menu. Vera Wang usually dinner at restaurants. This is the time to help her relax. Meals include smoked salmon and steak. Besides, Wang also spends a lot of time skin care. She often showered twice a day in the morning and when I worked home. Moisturizer is a product with a 72-year-old designer. Vera Wang has a slim shape at the age of 72.The lecture: @verawang

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