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The fake news is the most difficult thing when its abundance creates negative impacts in society. Verification is an urgent requirement before spreading an information. And the verification is AI's responsibility: The reader, the person who reported or also the management agency? The chasing of the antelope of the guards I am alive, the locality is organizing vaccinations, one Top type of Chinese manufacturers, and a rumor spread very quickly: the "ship" vaccine was injection as well as no. People who refused to flee in the hospital lead to many links and youtube channels used Prepare theories, saying that the ship vaccine is completely no effect, and many people died of injection. Pages launched, from garbage domains, spelling spelling, while YouTube channels have been distorted with a voice, with a collateral image from many sources

. In general, it is not prestigious. I send them some links about that Chinese vaccine has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the effectiveness of Chinese and Cambodia's anti-epidemic, The two countries have injected it for hundreds of millions of people, from prestigious and foreign newspapers. Probably quite convincing
But those who listened fiercely denying rumors: They argue that China has "hidden translation", although there are reputable news agencies such as AFP or Reuters confirming this. It is worth mentioning. People who misunderstand the rumors, which are the fact that they refuse to receive events (Facts): persuasion efforts are completely useless. Even my efforts only strengthen their trust into the rumor. The two worlds were different from the beginning, don't try to communicate anymore. We caught this often. Doctors tried to persuade those who are believing in anti-vaccination theory. Reputable newspapers try to follow the fake news on social networks. The deadlock with a clear comedy: No matter how big efforts are gone, there will still be people who believe that eating the treatment of Covid-19, as well as the belief that the earth, despite the equals Science and experimentation, with a form .
. Flat. Psychologists call this phenomenon as "Chambers" (Echo Chambers), a more complicated state than "Epistemic Bubbles). Both exclude other sources of information in a systematic way, and exaggerate each person's confidence in their beliefs, but there is a fundamental difference here: a person covered with "bubbles Awareness "Simply heard other voices," the chamber "happens when you don't trust those voices, though I heard them." Cognitive bubbles "are created from the network. Information in which other voices have been excluded by missing. It is possible to actively miss: We tend to avoid contact with opposite views because they make us uncomfortable. But it can also be accidental, for example even if we are not active to avoid disagreements, then friends on Facebook tend to share their views and interests with us. When we consider social media as the input feed for yourself, the algorithms easily take us into excessive consensus state. But while the "cognitive bubble" is simply ignored In reverse views, a "chamber" makes those in it actively do not trust others. The bubbles are fragile: We just need to give those who fall into this state the data they have ignored. But "Chamber" is a stronger and more dangerous phenomenon.Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Frank Cappella, two co-authores of this state, have analyzed its nature: those in " The chamber "has full access to external sources of information, but does not accept the opposite comments. They are isolated not because of the selection of algorithms, but by those they have accepted as trusted professionals and sources. The world of their officials do not suffer from exposure to external voices, because their belief systems have turned on the mode against the intrusion. More dangers, exposure to left views Reverse even reinforces the trust of people in the "chamber". The Endre Begby philosopher called this effect "Previous Buy Proof": What happens is a kind of Judo mind, in which the strength and enthusiasm of the opposite voices become things against itself. People in "Chamber" believes that it is an effort to harm them, and those who sow faith for them. In the book "The Great Endarkenment" (2015), author Elijah Millgram explained that every ant Modern form depends on the trust of a series of experts in many areas. Think about how we trust others in everyday life: I believe a mechanic when going to the car repair shop, and deputy on the doctor's vice in the hospital. Experts also believe in each other: a laboratory scientist is forced to believe in M

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