Versace’s Elegant Versace Collection With Monogram La Greca Motifs

Testing interwoven with warm colors and neon colors and a newly refreshed 3D motifs are interesting ideas for a cold season approaching ... although returning with highly applied designs Go to the smaller color palette, but certainly with the new 3D LA Greca geometric motifs, the choices of Versace brought to the autumn winter 2021 are still not boring. LA Greca - a typical motif in culture Greece with Versace icons with different sizes and combinations of different colors appear everywhere

. Geometrical motifs with sharp angles, clear lines and strong palettes and hope will show power and confidence for employers. At the same time, cutting lines of pieces and subtle costumes are more incorporated with twisted lines and seams close to the body to create a sexy color. Autumn Winter 2021 is still not boring
The model stands in the maze gradually steps out. Versace hopes the motifs this time will complete the leading role, bringing the fashion faithful fascinating feeling like you can walk right into the maze in an irresistible rhythm Okay. The choice for men in the cold season will also partly richer with new points and even rebellious parts, the winter collection this year also launches pink logo with Medusa's face laughing in style Graffiti, highlighting the bustling and new mental trend of the brand and the new spirit of the brand. Although the Medusa image was too familiar to Versace fans, the innovative logo form in this return time was still considered Symbol of celebration, freedom and culture of partying, surrounded by the "border line" La Greca is like a vivid 3D maze, appearing on all accessories from the in-out Greca prominently prominent in new designs, in many different ways, from full body Jacquard clothes, sometimes mixed with Lur fibers EX; Go to the small pieces on the chest simulate the football badge. Besides, the choice of rich material, flexible app from shiny vinyl to wool to wool also appears in the bst.bst accessories of this time, especially bags of course are also flooded with monogram motors La Greca. It will be unfortunate if monograms are not applied to bags. After all, leather accessories and monograms are always items with extremely positive revenue, for any brand. We have the opportunity to admire the LACA bags with a hard plastic logo, Can be customized with very small application accessories. The bold contrast shades appear on the bags with a mini size with long strap "Mix-and-match" in a mischievous and interesting way

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