Vff Out The Final Ruling For V-league 2021

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has made the final ruling about the Vietnam Professional Football Sunday in 2021.., On September 23, VFF has issued a Resolution No. 257 / NQ-BCHLDBĐVN about stopping And do not continue to organize Vietnamese professional football tournaments in 2021. In that, the resolution stated: Do not recognize the title and individual according to the Charter at the National Championship Football League 2021, the ball National First-class stone 2021 and National Cup Football Tournament 2021; Do not apply rising rates - relegation at the National Football Championships 2021 and the National First-class Football Award 2021

. As so that the V-League 2021 will officially do not have a ranking team and does not have a relegation team . The rate of attending the club levels of the Asian Football Federation (AFC) in 2022 will be based on the results that VFF sent. The results will be taken into account the end of the 12th National Championship Football League 2021 to serve as a basis
According to the above decision, the two representatives are almost certainly with the Asian Cup season next to HAGL and Viettel FC when These two teams after the first round of V-League 2021 are ranked first and second on the rankings. Formal text from VFF.

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