Victoria Beckham’s Anti-aging Way

Wife David Beckham applied many healthy habits to maintain a young look. Nearly 50 years old, her skin is still smooth, less defective.0: 00/3: 55 namvictoria Beckham domains look radiant at age 47, according to Who What Wear. With cosmetics brand name, Victoria spends love for skin care and beauty care. Besides, she also combines many healthy living habits to preserve the young look

. The beauty steps are in the morning, Victoria Beckham uses cleanser, then serum for face, neck, chest And around the eyes. Next, she applied moisturizing cream to rejuvenate skin cells.Victoria never forgot to take care of eyes
She often applies the eye mask as a perfect preparation step before makeup. Because of using a variety of creams for day and night or seasonal, female designers choose the right cream to provide the degree Moisture for skin day and night. The product she loves is a hose shaped cream of Augustinus Bader. Holding David Beckham very attaches great importance to keeping water for the skin, especially when moving by plane. She used moisturizing and moisturizer to maintain moisture, protecting the skin without drying. For body skin, Victoria has its own secret to enhance moisturizing effects: Mix cream with coconut oil. Coconut oil provides many benefits for skin like moisturizing, softening, skin recovery. However, coconut oil has a high greasy grease, easy to block pores, so it is not suitable for facial skin.Victoria Beckham has fresh skin thanks to thorough care. Photo: Victoriabeckham
Victoria Beckham's skin always looks great, especially when she attended the red carpet event. The secret of female designers is to use moisturizing lining. It helps makeup layers not lumpy, and bring a bright appearance. She appreciated the makeup expert using a beautyblender to chalk. Beautyblender's sucking helps the foundation or chalk can cover all areas on the face.Victoria is famous for its full and youthful lips. Designer women are "obsessed" with lip lipsticks and nude color lipsticks. Makeup style with nude lipstick creates her own symbol.Victoria has a wireless hair straightener of the Balmain brand. She said most wireless hair straighteners are not too hot, reducing negative effects for hair. The designer woman carries the hair stretcher every time you go to the plane to keep your hair straight, not cured. Because there is no wire, this type of hair stretcher can be used anywhere.Victoria always pays attention to taking care of the epidermis of the nail. That helps the 4-head mother complete the appearance. Victoria Beckham loves the skin care process of the dermatologist Sarah Chapman. Chapman is one of the skin experts to help her control acne skin. She regularly massages face, especially before traveling to increase blood circulation, anti-puffiness. Also, designers also combine light therapies at the spa to maintain young and bright skin. She chooses a red light process that improves the skin's wrinkles and elasticity, whether green light reduces pores, soothes acne. According to the healthy living habits, they are not only focused on applied products Back to the skin, Victoria Beckham is also sensitive in the trends of health care and functional foods. She drank many supplements. Women's designer for omega-3, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc fish oil because it's very good for the skin. In addition, she also takes vitamins for hair and nails.Victoria Beckham eats a healthy to combine exercise to always be energetic. Photo: Victoriabeckham. Each morning, Victoria drinks 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, followed by a cup of hot water and lemon juice. She also uses coffee to complete physical training better. The designer is designed or runs rapidly to train cardiovascular health. Next, she practiced with weightlifting or stressed strings, and dancing a lot. Victoria said she and her husband liked to eat outside, she herself was also flexible in eating. However, she noticed the skin with a difference when eating healthier. Victoria Beckham shared: "My eyes are white and glittering, more energy more energy. I eat a lot of fresh fish, fresh vegetables and salad , As well as nuts and nuts. I also eat a lot of good fat, such as salmon. I also like fruits but don't eat too much because they can make me flatulent. There are 4 children and do Jobs for hours, I became disciplined with my eating. That's how I realize I can take advantage of the maximum power. "What to slow skin aging? Daily diet significantly affects your appearance.

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