Victoria’s Secret Lies

Angel Taylor Hill is a model in Victoria's Secret's advertising campaign: 00/2: 04 Southern Southern Hypebae, after launching sports product line, Victoria's Secret returns with the Corporate Collection Campaign Y new. SHARE Share that Bare Infinity Flex Bra is dubbed the bra with a designed design that fits and is suitable for many different physiquees by applying high-tech technologies on the product. Made with the same material with a comfortable feeling for the Wear.Taylor Hill appears in Victoria's Secret's promotional campaign. Photo: Hypebae

. However, the image in the advertising campaign of the luminous line is controversial on social networks by choosing Taylor Hill as a model. She contributed to the Angel Team of the brand since 2015. Many brand criticism misleading a speech about removing the image of lingerie angels and replaced by woman with talented and screens
Social enjoyment. "Victoria's Secret only deliberately gave humanities to media brands, but eventually used an image of internal angel to promote the product. This is a deceiter with customers" , account @fadi_hani write. The board also appears many models with different physique. Photo: HYPEBAE. Before, People Once Posted Victoria's Secret article is repairing and changing the appearance of all retail stores around the world. The brand gradually converts the company's identity to a new mission For modern women. After 44 years, the brand decides to remove the image of lingerie angel in the billboards at the store and the area displayed on the street, instead of the face series New representative, influential in society. Also, mannequin with enough shape and size will be displayed in all stores after completing the repair section, as well as helps closer to the for Statue of different customers. Not only that, the light at the store is also closed more brilliantly and the walls are painted with light pink, replacing mysterious black black tones
The New York Times reported the angel Victoria's Secret with charming physique will no longer, instead of women known for talent, influence in society. G This woman and the house will re-define the concept of sexy. They alternately advise brands, appear in its advertising and social networking with Collective VS Campaign. The brand hopes to become the global "campaign" on the issue of empowering women. The store will be arranged light and mannequin displayed differently than before. Photo: WWD.Thui Vu

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