Video Bastion Remove The Target On The Black Sea

Russia Bastion's strongest defense system has successfully destroyed all the targets on the Black Sea in the exercise with the coordination of UAV. The Russian Black Sea Fleet said, the exercise was made At the Opuk training ground in Crimea. Participants are many combinations of missile defense name Bastion, UAV reconnaissance. In the exercise, UAVs receive the task to monitor the 'enemy warships' and transmit signals to the center of the training , the Bastion complex performs a long-range attack task to destroy the entire target of the opponent including large battleships, landing ships .

.. Bastion system. The battle exercises are organized as part of the Interactive practice measures among units and squads of Russian military force group in Crimea
The rehearsal was done after Moscow strengthened the deployment to Crimea Peninsula more than 30 new weapons systems. This is part of the Plan to build a Russian government defense system in the Black Sea.Theo Ria, now the Black Sea Fleet has 3 Bastion missile systems in the artillery brigade - toxic coastal missile missiles Maker 11 close the entire in Krasnodar region. Combining Bastion designed to attack all targets on the sea including the carrier. Bastion's P-800 missile bullets equipped with an ultrasonic straight-line jet engine that allows to reach the speed of Mach 2. The shot of the P-800 rocket depends on the flight mode: flying high orbit - low mix allow to reach a range of 300km; Flying low orbit - achieving a range of 120km. With the deployed weapons systems, the commander of the coastal protection force of the Black Sea Fleet, Major General Vladimir Romanenko announced that the US-NATO warship will be peppered Remove immediately, if a Mai has a conflict in the Black Sea. "If it is dangerous to Russia, American warships and Allies NATO are only a few minutes to survive in the Black Sea, because the missile combinations The fleet is equipped and from many different directions, will not allow it (NATO) to perform any combat and strategic tasks in the Black Sea, "said General Romanenko claimed. With Bastion, the shore rocket force The fleet here also has Bal-E, using the Kh-35ue missile, 300km from the 600km from the coast, on the Russian coastal strip or on the Crimea Peninsula. Battle of Russia Performing the right time America and Ukraine conducted a large-scale military exercise Rapid Trident 2021 at the Center for International Peace and Security Consultation in Lviv Province, Western Ukraine
"Rapid Trident 2021 Yes The presence of 6,000 soldiers from 15 partner countries included other member countries organized the Northern Atlantic Treaty (NATO), starting September 29 to last day 1 / 10. The main goal of the meeting The exercise is to prepare for the general actions as part of the multinational force in alliance activities.ukraine considers the exercise with Western partners as an important step on the way to join NATO, news That becoming a military mass member will enhance the ability to fight Russia's invasion.Nga exercises with the peaceful Bastio system

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