Video Wrapped Nylonheads Before Exercising Attracting More Than 1 Million Viewers On Tiktok: How Is The ‘peeling’ Expert?

Video wrap nylonheads before wearing clothes exercise has more than 1 million viewers on Tiktok after only 3 days of posting or coughing, until hearing carefully harming the kidneys, but everyone is out of 00: 00/4 : 38 male nylons before wearing exercise clothes - new slimming trends many people are interested here, on social network Tiktok is transmitting each other video recording a woman "skinny tong tong" is carefully wrapping Nylons from top to bottom. She didn't miss 2 arms. After that, she wore two ao dai, wearing long bosses and wearing a tight hat with a loss of weight loss nylons of social network fever. Only after 3 days sharing, the video got about 1,100,000 people to watch. Many people expressed a surprise about exercise outfit that had never seen as well as never experienced in practice because there are too many nylon wraps with such clothes

. This video leads to an effect that people fear become negative weight loss trends. Many sisters after seeing this slender woman who was admiringly "probably wearing thick nylon layers plus the abdominal gene and many layers of long-sleeved clothes so she had a skinny body So so "Mount is the sisters struggling with the GYM department but cannot lose weight as expected, when he looks like this woman is as if" learning a little bit ". Many people from each other onwards only need to work hard to wrap nylons before training, then weighing will fall faster
But, what you need to care about parallel to this problem is health. Are you sure I will be stronger when weighing this type? Are you sure you will be stronger when weighing this type of weight loss of weight loss can make you lose water, harm the coach Nguyen Hung Anh (work In Hanoi), as in video descriptions, a woman with skinny body but wrapped in 2 layers of food wrap, wearing 2 pants, wrap the abdominal gene, then wearing 2 more shirts, teams add hats.hlv Hung Anh affirmed that the nylons of weight loss nylons are not a way to lose weight, "This is a new slimming method, a new exercise? Don't know anyone tried to lose weight according to this trend yet but I want to recommend Fox to everyone to lose weight this type: This weight loss method is extremely dangerous because not everyone applies, "Hero Coach said.Theo coach hero, do not know the purpose of his girlfriend in this video After wrapping nylons, wearing many layers of clothes for what to do, there was true training to lose weight or not. If that's true, the wrapping nylon is tight, wearing multiple layers of clothes and training will make your body quickly dehydrated. Normally, when the body is dehydrated, you must quickly drink water to compensate but in the process of training, it doesn't seem to do it. Not to mention, drinking plenty of water can hinder your training process. Fur hair to lose weight also hinder air circulation for the body, so people have no knowledge, no guidance of training The tablet accompanied at the time of episodes, it should not be wrapped with nylons to work with the desire to lose weight faster. The nylon wrapped with a tight-fitting nylon, wearing many layers of clothing and exercise makes your body quickly dehydrated. "I personally assess this weight loss way is not really good but the method cannot be shared arbitrarily on the community to apply a massive way
Certainly those who follow this trends like the video posted will be Dehydration, harmful kidneys ", hero coach said that the coach is especially recommended:" Weight loss nylons are not for high blood pressure, people with arrhythmia ... ". Coach Hung Anh also recommends: "Weight loss mode, keeping the shape in each person is not the same, so people should not arbitrarily apply ways to lose weight on the flow on g. It is best to consult your doctor, coach to see if you are in accordance with this ". Goods you should consult your doctor, coach to see if you are right in this way No.Bs General Nguyen Xuan Quang (Military Medical Academy) said that many people think that wrapping nylons into people and practice will help burn fat effectively. This is wrong comments. "While practicing, The body will generate heat and sweat released to cool down the body, not getting fat. Many people mistakenly do this kind of sweating, the fat decreases so they are new. But the actual effect is counterproductive because he wants to escape the heat, there must be air surfing through the skin to carry the steam to fly, the water from liquid switches to gas to help cool the body. Wrap nylon so the sweat released more but does not cool down the body leads to dehydration and thermal shock ", Bs Quang said, according to BS Quang, this action can also cause skin allergy for ni Industrial feathers are very easy to cause allergies. This comment, Prof. Tran Thiet Son (specializing in aesthetic surgery, Poon Green General Hospital) adds, depending on people will have different weight loss methods . In which the target group has thick fat, baby

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