Vien Giac Pagoda Continues To Support Peace Of Mind To Relax The Way Of Prevention Of Epidemics

On September 17, Dao Trang Vien Giao combined with the elder Mang Thich Dieu Cat Nhan, Dao Trang Tinh Xa Dieu Cat Tuong - Taichung prepared 45 gifts for offering for 36 monasteries in Tan Phu district and the Institute in Ho Chi Minh City.0: 00/1: 25 Southern Southern Southern Pagoda Vien Giac gain the support of the team forces in transporting vegetables, Vien Giao Peter (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City ) Due to Dong Van Thich Dong Van, the Pagoda abbot offered 45 parts to 36 Tan Phu Huyen and Temples in Ho Chi Minh City: Minh Dao (District 3), India (District 10), Reliors (District 3), Ky Quang 3 (Old District 2), Hai Quang (Tan Binh District) ... Each gift about 80 kg of vegetables includes: Vegetables, fruits: sweet potatoes, beans Corn, cucumber, melon, gourd, squash, su su, vegetables

From the West is taken to Ho Chi Minh City. The transport support of Venerable Thich Thien Hoa, Head of Buddhist Buddhism in Tan Phu District, Long Hung Pagoda Pagoda; Dai Duc likes to adjust the degree, the Chief of the Office of the Tin Phu District, residing in Phap Van Pagoda and the Ton Germany and Layi of the Board of Thich Thien Hoa. of local government, the pagoda supports 150 moon cake, lanterns, drinking water ... for children in the 2 quarters of the ward getting incentive. 18-9, Vien Giac Pagoda and Nun As shown, residing in Ni Ni Quan Quan, Binh Thanh and Members also supported 2 tons of vegetables and beans ... to the Fatherland Front Committee of Tan Binh District distributed to 8 difficult wards in the district
Adjusting the gift of gifts at Minh Thu Pagoda, Thich Thien Hoa Thần Thần Tình Bãi Giáu to offer the temples in Tan Phuh.Dieu - Photo: CTV

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