Viet Anh Resolved Debt

After resolving the debt, Viet Anh was more relieved because it surpassed the difficulty of a difficult way.00 of: 00/2: 15 Nam Date 4/7, Viet Anh suddenly admits crisis Economy, debting banks about 2 billion dong makes fans surprised. Specifically, when chatting with a real estate expert, the actor said that he was enjoyed by the epidemic, his house for rent was returned. Before that, I have a relatively stable source of revenue for Hire 2 houses, a single-ground apartment. But as you know this Covid is now returned now

. Both houses for rent, guests are paid, I have to go to find guests to rent a stable source, "said Viet Anh. Also, the apartment house that Viet Anh is installing the bank is still around 2 billion. Every month, you have to pay about 30 million wholeity and interest
If you calculate the current monthly cost of living will fall around 50 million. "So it is also a bit stretched", Viet Anh admitted . Currently, Viet Anh resolved the debt story. However, in the recent interview with an electronic newspaper, the actor said that everything was handled by him stabilized and solved the dish Debt billion money. "The situation at that time was a bit stretched but when I joined the conversation for a long time. Now everything has been handled stable and I can consider the case of successful difficulties, "Viet Anh revealed more." Sunny sunflower "actor said that this is not something too horrible Let the fans have to worry about themselves. After resolving the debt, Viet Anh was more relieved because it surpassed the difficulty to safely. It was known, in addition to art activities, he was Investors and business: "Not only me that all investors have difficulties in credit loans when it is difficult to rotate capital in this situation. Covid-19 epidemic comes, making guests find other options
The apartment is mortgaged to borrow VND 2 billion and pay about 30 million dong both in order and interest monthly. My monthly income declined because of the stagnant work ". After dealing with the debt, Viet Anh was relieved because it surpassed the difficulty in a difficult way. Overcoming certain difficulties, but the job still has certain pressures when operating the business and operate art in the context of Covid-19 still complicated. Can maintain businesses, balance the business with passionate art in a harmonious way while minimizing the damage caused by disease for both areas. "In this context, I think I Need to tighten spending, can not be as comfortable as before. I will only invest in really needed things, "Viet Anh launched a resolution direction. My My

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