Viet Huong Nhan Huong After More Than 20 Years

Vietnamese photo in 2000 with curly hair with noodles, roofs in front of the same makeup style: Blue eye border, 'lipstick lipstick' makes fans enjoy eating <: 00/1: 29 namng namuan Viet Huong Just shared her image 21 years ago on the magazine cover. "2000 21 years ago. Back to the magazine cover was delicious, why star the face? Why does the lips overflow ..

. "- she wrote Viet Huong image on the female cover. Photo: FBNV Many people expressed interest in beauty over 20 years ago of female artists. The old image remindsed a memories with many fans
Actor Quach Ngoc Tuyen mentused: "I am also a wandering of the countryside", "I am still sharing," I am also a cotton hairy "... 21 years have passed, It is not difficult to recognize Viet's salty, more beautiful. Female artist marks in the hearts of fans with many different roles: not only in the field of actors but also the Balconies, guests of a series of programs: Challenge comedy, grateful Then ... she was loved by many fellow friends respected by talent, the mind with the job, with the following generation juniors ..
Viet Huong artist was loved by many fans and character, harmony Fewth. Photo: FBNVTrong Covid-19 epidemic phase is complicated, Viet Huong and many artists have joined hands to help people and artists with difficult circumstances, strictly with practical actions . Nearly, the actress has supported 1 ton of rice and 300 fish sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce ... to give people. "In general, incense will try to cook (if possible) the rice parts sent in isolation and epidemic prevention forces. Huong is collecting fresh food to cook with 15 days. The whole family calm! Love! "- Female shared artist.

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