Viet Xua Land: The Slash Of Moss In The City Of Nghe Nghe Mai From Gia Long

Ancient Citadel is not only a famous historical relic in Nghe An, but also known as the beautiful virtual living paradise is loved by a lot of people. History of Ancient Vinh, is also known as Nghe An Ancient Citadel, located on Dao Tan Street, Cua Nam Ward, in Vinh City. Architectural structure in this Nghe An was built in 1804 under the King of Gia Long, the city continued to reinforce in 1831 at the time of Minh Minh Network, so far there were 3 ports of 3 Wards Cua Nam, Quang Trung and Team Cung, Vinh City. This is an unique and unique architectural structure, associated with many historical stories of Nghe Tinh land. Between the excitement of Vinh city today, the ancient city is still an ideal Nghe An tourist destination with the cross-country tourists

. Hexagon, the total area is 420,000 m2, with a perimeter of 2,520m. The building is built with 2 rounds of inside and outside. Besides, there is also a deep moat system or also known as CITY
The three main doors of the ancient citadel are: Door, Door, Door, Door Money: This is the main door toward Hue capital, south. This is also the door of the king. The king and military troops all are welcome here. Description: This door is facing east, on the door carving "Description". Since 1990, when the surrounding road is plastic, this project is also filled with the foundation. Huu: This door is open to the West, compared to the other two doors, the door is still more intact. - Unique check-in points in Nghe An Vinh Vinh is associated with the ups and downs of history, destructive war and now become ruins, only 3 gateways and surrounding lakes. Currently, the Vinh Citadel is being reinstalled to rebuild to deserve its historical position and become a tour attracting tourists. The beautiful virtual verifier check point is loved by young people, especially students and student photographers. So if you have the opportunity to visit Nghe An You should visit this famous ancient city and keep yourself pictures of celebrations
(Photo: nguyennhatbinh) Cersei (General)

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