Vietcombank Heads 25 Leading Financial Brands In Vietnam

Worth 705 million dollars, the brand value of Vietcombank topped the list of 25 leading financial brands Vietnam Vietnam recently by Forbes bo.Tru VietcombankDanh head 25 of the leading financial brand in Vietnam by Vietnam announced Forbes includes companies operating in the financial sector such as banking, securities and insurance. Total value of 25 leading financial brands reached 3.95 billion USD. In the list, the banking sector accounted for the largest share with 17 representatives, followed with 5 representing the securities and insurance sectors with 3 college dien

.Do scale and nature of operations, the banking sector accounted for 14 position leading position in the list. Vietcombank which ranked first in the value of $ 705 million, 2.8 times higher than the value determined by the Forbes list 2020
Next is Techcombank (430 million dollars), Vietinbank (388 million dollars), VP Bank ( US $ 356 million), the Bank (320 million USD) and No. 6 MB (312 million dollars). Some other banks in the list with a brand value is determined at a high level may include the ACB (257.3 million USD), HD Bank (162 million USD), the VIB ($ 138 million) ... parties next to the bank, representatives of insurance companies appeared on the list with Bao Vietnam in 14th place with a brand value of $ 72 million (head of the insurance industry), company shares, PVI at No. 21 with a brand value of 28.5 USD and Insurance Corporation bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIC) at No. 25 with a brand value of 10 million USD
Dang attention, despite the present this list when the wave COVID-19 flare fourth cause negative impacts to the economy and society, but the calculations, Forbes Vietnam realize the value of a number of banks in Vietnam have reached or shop access to strong opponents in vuc.Chang term, in mid-July last bank's capitalization Siam Commercial bank has reached (SCB) - Thailand's largest bank - and on the neckline with financial institutions Mal largest Malayan Banking Berhad aysia's (Maybank). Compared with the two banks, although the scale of the total assets of Vietcombank still lead, but by the market, including financial institutions abroad overvalued based on geographical balance growth of financial markets, the strength internal and growth of businesses nghiep.Truoc that, in mid-may 9/2021, YouGov - a company research and analysis of international data, with headquarters in the UK and is present in over 40 countries Sale, also announced the brand rankings insurance, banking Vietnam 2021 (Vietnam banking

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