Vietnam Aviation Administration Information Flying To America Of Bamboo Airways

Vietnam Aviation Administration has reported a Ministry of Transport (Transportation) on Bamboo Airways. Specifically, Bamboo Airways has been granted a business license for air transportation with international exploitation, domestic and aircraft operators (AOC) for b787-9 aircraft categories with exploitation areas North America (Male) .0: 00/2: 49 South Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways are eligible for regular and unusual international flights and passengers and goods between Vietnam And the United States. According to the Air Transport Agreement between the 2 countries - United States signed on December 4, 2003, each country signed with the right to indicated how many airlines to carry out international air transport Consistent with the Agreement. Such indications will be notified to the other party in writing through diplomatic lines and must be clearly determined that the airline is allowed to perform a type of air transport

. Thus, Bamboo Airways is eligible for Vietnam's designated airline to exploit the usual flights between Vietnam and the United States. Vietnam's non-direct flight information of Bamboo Airways. Legal procedures, Vietnam Aviation Administration Information, June 1, 2021, Bamboo Airways have submitted a dossier of permission to fly usually at the US Department of Transport (DOT)
On 23-24, 9/2021, on the basis of being designated by Vietnam to exploit unusual flights between the two countries, Bamboo Airways made a return flight in Hanoi - San Francisco - Ha Flying the flight allowance has been granted by the dot by the guidance of the Dot, to conduct a normal flight procedure in the United States, Bamboo Airways must be appointed by the competent authorities of Vietnam As a designated airline of Vietnam to exploit the routine flights between Vietnam and the United States. In Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines has also been assigned to exploit the routine routes between the two countries and still in The process of preparing flight plans.QUA Learn, for routine flight, airlines must prove the capacity and fully meet all US standards. Only in terms of technical capacity (operating aircraft) and exploitation capacity, the airline flying into the United States also needs to meet the minimum 2 180-minimum ocean cross-ocean engine (flight time Extend with an engine in case a broken motor). This requirement requires a new mining even if a long-distance flight plane also needs at least 12 months to accumulate, complete long-distance flight experience to achieve EDTO standards 180 minutes. Continue Indications Bamboo Airways exploit routine flights to go, to the United States after the unchanged mining (Rent-Charter) in accordance with the provisions of Vietnam - United States Air Transport Agreement , as a basis for airlines to implement the usual flight preparation steps to the United States in the coming time according to the Government's orientation. The Vietnam-Vietnam is also recommended by the Ministry of Transport with the Official Letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs There is a contract to send the US diplomatic agencies to specify Bamboo Airways as a designated airline of Vietnam to exploit the routine flights between Vietnam and the United States. Soon Van / News News

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