Vietnam Deposit Insurance Participates In Special Control For Credit Institutions

Vietnam Deposit Insurance (HTGVN) is officially involved in the special control (KSĐB) of deposit insurance organizations (HTG) since the Law on EO in effect in 2013.BHTGVN is assigned Add new tasks to deeper participation in the restructuring process of credit institutions shall be collected by KSĐB, Clause 13, Article 13 of the Law on Deposit Insurance (HTG) regulating the rights and obligations of the BOI: "Participate in too submitting a contract for labor insurance organizations according to the regulations of the State Bank (SBV); Participating in managing and liquidating assets of organizations participating in unemployment insurance according to the Government's regulations ". The Law Amending and Supplementing a Number of Articles of the Law on Credit Institutions (Credit Institutions) 2017, BOs are assigned to further The new case to deeper participation in the process of restructuring credit institutions was reviewed by KSĐB: "Special lending; Buying long-term bonds of credit institutions support; participating in assessing the feasibility of the plan to restore the People's Credit Fund (PCF), microfinance institutions, financial companies; Participation in developing a plan to banking credit institutions shall be implemented by KSĐB. System of governance and administration documents in accordance with the Law on amendments and supplements to a number of articles of the 2017 Credit Institutions Law: Promulgating the Regulation on special loans for credit institutions assuent with the Decision No. 593 / QD-BHTG dated September 7, 2018; Guiding the implementation of special lending regulations for credit institutions shall be implemented by KSĐB No

. 1327 / HD-BHTG dated October 29, 2019; Temporary guidelines for EPM participating in the process of environmental conditions for PCFs; Temporary regulations on mutual processing teams for PCFs have problems; Promulgating the temporary assessment of the feasibility of the process of rehabilitation of PCFs and the microfinance institutions of the Microfinance Department ..
Along with that, the contingent of the PPs to participate in the BO. To monitor the operation situation and implement the plan to consolidate and correct PCFs, especially monitoring detailed data, property changes of PCFs, deposit balances, insured deposits, situation Debt classification, debt recovery ability of PCFs to assess the ability to pay for maturity payments. In the process of participating in KSĐB, HTGVN to be active and actively coordinated with the Board of Directors, the Branch of the State Bank of Vietnam. The street to handle incurred situations.Tham comments on the process of processing PCFs shall be made by KSDB as poor PCFs that are not able to recover when requested by the State Bank. For PCFs to be handled by the Commercial Bank for the Commercial Bank to handle and conduct comparison, verify, make a list of depositors, participate in propaganda and support for PCFs according to the banking plan Trade involved in handling. Attendance, DIV to build a special loan reserve capital for credit institutions to take initiative for financial resources, ready for special loans for credit institutions who are eligible for loans . To participate in the feasibility assessment of the recovery plan, DIV has been actively and actively coordinated with the Board of Directors, the State Bank of the State Bank and the City participating in assessing the feasibility of the recovery plan when being loved Bridge, Proposal of the State Bank of the State Bank selects a plan to handle in accordance with the Law on 2017 Credit Institutions. With that, training courses, fostering and developing cadres participating in the process of programs Conformity, meeting the requirements of new DHTGVN tasks are regularly organized to effectively in the process of KSĐB. Can speak, Operation A In the process of environmental conditions for PCFs, they have contributed to the PCFs to return to normal operations or propose appropriate handling plans, thereby ensuring the safety of banking activities, protecting the rights and interests of the sender Money
To increase the position of the unemployment insurance organization in handling weak PCFs according to the provisions of the Law on EPM and the Law on 2017 Credit Institutions, EIA needs to study and propose the State Bank to specify the tasks and powers of state-owned powers when participating in the Board of Directors. At the same time, there is a written request for the State Bank of Provinces and the City to seriously shared information between the SBV and DIV as prescribed in Circular 34/2016. / TT-NHNN to exchange information on inspection, supervision and coordination and handling of poor PCFs between the State Bank of Provinces, cities and DhTGVN are promptly, efficiently. Is a credit institution. The direct control of the SBV is due to the risk of loss of paid capacity, loss of solvency or serious violation of the law leading to the risk of loss of safety. Based on the status of financial status, the level of risk and violation of the laws of credit institutions, the SBV considers and decides to put credit institutions into the condition of KSĐB in the form of special monitoring or comprehensive control.Pv.

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