Vietnam Has Olympic Television Copyright 2020

Vietnam Television Station (VTV) is a unit owning a 2020 Olympic-Olympic Television in the territory of Vietnam.VTV confirms that this unit has reached an agreement on Olympic 2020 broadcasting copyright with partners, on the background The free TV platform and is rushing to deploy the work of serving broadcasting.olympic Tokyo 2020 will be distributed free in Vietnam. Photo: AFPVTV has pursued 2020 Olympic television copyright from 3 years ago. At the moment, the monk was broadcasting the message inviting the units to join hands, but all received the head shake, because the partner "shouted" the price was too high

. According to information from the station, the provider initially offers a price of 20 times more than the Olympic Rio 2016.Customers of the price to broadcast the Olympics in Vietnam between the extended parties. However, until noon 21/7, the negotiation has come to the final step and the Vietnamese people will be monitored for free
At Olympic Tokyo 2020, Vietnam sports team attended with 43 members, including 18 Athlete, competing in 11 subjects, 20 contents of competition. In the morning of July 19 (Tokyo Hours), the delegation arrived in Japan to prepare the competition at the Olympic Tokyo, the shooting athletes Do Thi Anh Nguyet will be the "opening" for Vietnamese sports in this Olympics .

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