Vietnam Officially Launched The Biggest Vaccination Campaign In History

Today (July 10), Vietnam officially launched the largest vaccination campaign in history - Covid-19 vaccination for all people aged over 18 from July 2021 to April / 2022.0: 00/2: 36 nuoc nam illustration of the Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long Information on the press said, with the great efforts of the Ministry of Health and the sectors, the fierce direction of the Government and players General government, from today Vietnam held the biggest vaccination campaign in history. The biggest goal of the campaign is to organize the vaccination for the most immunizations, the fastest to protect strength Healthy and lives of people. Many changes, "Where to safely get into it" This campaign has many changes compared to our country's long-term vaccination program and has been implementing. To transport, distribute, preserve vaccines, the Minister said we have established a completely new preservation system based on the military force, which is a vaccine to preserve at the warehouse of the military zones that two ministries of Defense and Health have collaborated to establish GSP preservation standards

. The vaccine since then moves to all injection points in the districts of localities in the fastest way and still ensures the quality standard requirements of vaccine. A large force of vaccination organizations at all Both mobile injection points, fixed. We rely on the grassroots health system network of the military and health of the military and police to deploy the number of vaccinations, thereby increasing the progress of the vaccine for the people
Full maximum for immunizations, "Where to get safe". Screening, monitoring and close monitoring of health after injection is deployed across the route. Along with the leading experts in the fields of treatment, the provision is always ready to support all injection points to be able to handle everything in time. Medical Ministry has edited all professional instructions On the principle of ensuring the injections. The combination is strictly and promoting the application of information technology in immunization management. The most notable is the "electronic health book" app with information about immunizations such as immunization registration, vaccination logs, follow-up after injection ... Since then forming the code for each person who has injected To level QR code. The main code code is the basis to ensure the "vaccine passport" later
With the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Health is working closely to build an application platform in vaccination and Test Covid-19. Monitoring the vaccination work, the Steering Committee for vaccination campaigns to establish the Supervisory Supervision Subcommittee, which is relatively independent to monitor all activities of the vaccination process from transport, preservation, allocation and vaccination. These are the basic new points of this vaccination campaign. With the motto how to have the most, fastest and safest vaccine for people, it is the goal that the government, the Prime Minister assigned to the Ministry of Health.

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