Vietnam Photo Won The Tournament In The Most Participant Competition In The World

Fishing work in Tam Giang (Hue) of Pham Huy Trung photographer has just exported the first prize in the human category at the Drone Photo Awards 2021.0: 00/1: 59 Namdrone Photo Awards. The photo is within the framework of the prestigious Siena Awards award, held from 2015. In 2020, this competition attracts 14,000 photographs taken with devices and vehicles from above of the photographer Specializes in 104 countries and territories around the world. This is also an international competition with the highest number of attendees ever

. Newly here, the Organizing Committee has announced 41 winning works in this year's competition, belonging to nine categories such as Nature, Do market, people, wildlife, sports ..
'fishing in mangroves' work by photographer Pham Huy Trung is carried out in Tam Giang lagoon, Thua Thien Hue province has won the category Human photos of the competition. The photo was taken in a winter day when the forest scratched all the leaves and turned to a white, causing viewers to relate to the image of the nerve cells in the human brain. Pham Huy Trung entered the road Taking professional photos since the end of 2016. Since then, he has won many major and foreign awards on the country, as the first prize of the Skypixel landscape photo contest 2017 or three consecutive years of winning the 35 Awards competition ... works 'praying for the soul of the soul above, many other contest pictures in the country, Vietnamese people are also appreciated by the organizers such as the work of' praying for the mind Soul 'of Bui Phu Khanh,' super bridge 'and' harvested 'of the female photographer Phan Khanh ... the' sea flower 'of Vu Ngoc Tuan and' harvest 'of Phan Khanh's' net Between the lake sea 'was recorded by author Nguyen Tan Tuan in the sunset sunshine in the Central Highlands
The image of fishermen tossing large grid among the immense sea to bring special visual effects. The product 'net visits to the lake sea is also with boat and sea topics,' fishing 'works by author Nguyen Phuoc Hoai is a fishing net image between the dreamy season of Nhon Hai sea fishermen, Binh Dinh. This plant often lives on coral reefs or maritime rocks, when algae grow for a long time and old will be emerged as the autumn gold leaf forests under the water. The 'fishing' products of Nguyen Phuoc Nostalgic (According to Drone Awards)

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