Vietnam Recruitment: Mr. Park Does Not Risk With Dang Van Lam

Dang Van Lam cannot meet the Early Military Association with Vietnam forced Coach Park Hang Seo to have a careful calculation for the guard site.0: 00/1: 52 Nam according to Cerezo Osaka, August 28, This team has derby with Gamba Osaka. With the important nature of the match, coach Levir Culpi was forced to carefully prepare forces. In the meantime, even though it was just a No. 2 goalkeeper of Cerezo Osaka, Dang Van Lam was always required to concentrate highly

. In every match. The victory of overseas Vietnamese is of course not allowed to return to the National Assembly with Vietnam. The most, Dang Van Lam can only be released by Cerezo Osaka after August 28
The premiere in 1993 could fly straight from Japan to Saudi Arabia Meeting with Vietnam, once receiving a summoning order from Coach Park Hang Seo. This synonymous Van Lam has only 3 days of training with his teammates before the opening of the end of the World Cup 2022 in Asia on September 2. Late troops made Coach Park Hang Seo unforgettable but must have a reasonable calculation for Vietnam. Although still practicing hard work, not being able to play regularly in Japan affects the goal of the goalkeeper carrying two Vietnamese blood lines - Russia. After 8 months, Van Lam only plays 2 matches In Cerezo Osaka (AFC Champions League and the Emperor Cup). However, these are very leisurely leisurely players in the goal. With the fact that there are too few training time in Vietnam and has not taken the shadow feeling again, even if there is Saudi Arabia Dang Van Lam also faces the risk of not winning main arrests. Candidate No. 1 for the position of Vietnam Recruitment Temple is still tons of school. The true competition opportunity is probably pointing to Lam "West" in the Vietnam Recruitment Battle of Australia on September 7
In My Dinh, Dang Van Lam has many beautiful memories, and he can mark the return of its national team after nearly 2 years without competing.Video Vietnam 2-1 Malaysia: Huy Phong

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