Vietnam Responds To China To Bring Transport Aircraft To Truong Sa

Vietnam requires China to respect Vietnam's sovereignty with two Islands of Paracel and Truong Sa, ending and not recurring similar violations. On September 23, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Assigning, answering reporters' questions suggested that Vietnam's response to Chinese information aircraft transportation to Chinese entities Unauthorized citation in the Spratly Islands of Vietnam, spokesman The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang affirmed that Vietnam's authorities always monitor every development on the East Sea. The Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang. "Please confirm, Vietnam is full Enough historical evidence and legal basis to affirm the sovereignty of Vietnam for the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands in accordance with international law. This activity of China has violated Vietnamese sovereignty South with the Spratly Islands, violating international law, contrary to the agreement of the basic principles of directing the problem of the Vietnam Sea - China Q Operation, increase military military, go against the declaration of behavior of parties in the East Sea, as well as the efforts of countries in negotiating the COC Code of Conduct in the South China Sea today ", Ms

. Le Thi Thu Hang said. The spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang stressed: "Vietnam requires China to respect the sovereignty of Vietnam with two Islands of Paracel and Truong Sa, ending and not recurring violations Similarly, respect international laws and general awareness of the leadership of the two countries on maritime issues, contribute practical, active and responsible for developing friendly friendly relations and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and China, contributing to maintaining a peaceful environment, stabilizing and cooperating on the East Sea .
. "Ms. Hang said in the online press conference afternoon 23 / 9. Before that, on September 16, Social network account of the Nam Hai Fleet China said Y-20 transport aircraft went to Rim, Subi Stone, and Cross Stone of the Spratly Islands of Vietnam to bring unauthorized barrier soldiers here about Land fortune, subi stone, and stone cross stone in the Spratly Islands of Vietnam but are occupied by China, illegally building and building. Hung Cuong / VOV.VN

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