Vietnam Rowing House Artist: Efforts To ‘keep Passionate Fire’

From the end of August until now, the Fanpage of the Vietnam Rowing Theater receives a lot of interest and interactions of the passionate audience in traditional rowing with the chain of 'passionate fire' program. Every weekday every night, the rowing artists of the Vietnam Rowing Theater have Livestream to perform the audience. In the context of prolonged epidemics, the theater performances are not organized, artists do not have the opportunity to perform, interact with live audiences, this is an encouraging and meaningful and meaningful activity. .

.. Introducing the young talented face to this day, Minishow "keeping the passionate fire" of the Vietnam Rowing Theater has completed the 4th number with the performances of talented young artists, working at the rowing theater Vietnam is Thai Son artists, Ha Thanh Thao, Ha Viet Cuong, Vu Ngo and Xuan Chuong. In the framework of the program, there are only 1 hour, artists have just exchanged, just doing MCs and have just performed, exchanged, interacting with the audience through the FAQ of FAQs
, as Minshow artists introduce themselves, have the nature of "real people, real". Performing Sunday evening Sunday 19-9 has the participation of 2 artists as Vu Ngoan and Xuan Chua 29- 8, artist Tran Thai Son was the first to open the series of "passionate fire" program with the neck rows like "ignite", "ie", excerpts "clowns", repertoire " Sitting sadly remembering my mother "... Artist Ha Thanh Thao, she" Dao Thuong "was assessed as the" full bar "of the Vietnam Rowing Theater performed the repertoire as" Mother's love " "" Word of offering "," All people are against epidemic "," Looking from far away "," boat "... Artist Ha Viet Cuong performed the" Different difference "tracks (also called" Clearing the Dao ")," Truong Thuy School "," Praise the white shirt "..
in the program" keeping passionate fire ", Q After a break after an item, artists can interact with the audience through comments and questions to share about traditional arts. Performing on the online platform must not support the support of sound, light, dance ... as on stage directly, so artists will be tired when direct performances, there must be breaks In order to regain the strength. Tran Thai Son - Artist has been familiar with the face, familiar with many people who love rowing with charming roles: "Previously, our artists were performed a lot to serve chapters Submit the event of the state and the city, to tour in mountainous areas, remote islands to serve people with plays, programs, drama. Since Covid-19 appears, artists must also comply with the ways of relaxing ways, "Who is in that peace" to join hands with the whole society against epidemic. But with Thai Son, always feels a need to serve the audience for performing the audience as well as the breath and rice to eat daily drinking water. The first artist was selected in the program " Holding the passionate fire "of Vietnam Rowing Theater I am very excited and trying to not fill the audience. In the context of a pandemic, thanks to the 4.0 technology, the artist is closer to the audience. I hope the audience will continue to care, spend more affection for Thai Son and the programs "keep the passionate fire" of the Vietnam Rowing Theater Next Numbers ... ". As the 2nd number In the series of "passionate fire prevention program", artist Ha Thanh Thao confided: "To be like today, I spent 15 years of training and certain achievements. But I have never been Satisfied with himself, still constantly learning, trained and also because of the passion that Ha Thanh Thao was for paddle arts. So the program "keeping passionate fire" has brought to draft experiences New, getting used to a new form of performances, interacted, got closer to the audience and received a lot of emotional emotions, cheering, encouragement very respectful ... "" Passing difficult " Together with traditional arts can see, despite the epidemic context, traditional art as well as any artistic industry has difficulty. From the beginning of 2020, online art performances (mainly through the Facebook platform) began to appear and gradually become a trend that received sympathy and share from the audience. Due to its characteristics, artists in the traditional artistic segment entered more late, but the series of "passionate fire" of Vietnam Rowing Theater has left good impressions, won affection Love cherish of the audience.Nghu Ha Thanh Thao - The face of the "Young Stage Talent" faces of the Vietnam Rowing Theater.Nhu Ha Viet Cuong Tam: "Viet Cuong is happy to receive the sharpener Sharves of traditional rowing art lovers. In the context of extremely complicated Covid-19 epidemic in the world as well as Vietnam, artists of the Vietnam Rowing Theater as well as other theaters can not go to stage Acting. Therefore, the program performs in the form of Livestream is very meaningful to Viet Cuong, making it very honored and excited. Viet Cuong hopes the disease will last

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