Vietnam Spoke About British Battleships, New Zealand Enters The East Sea

The British Carrier Brother Elizabeth and the New Zeland TE KAGA guardians have recently entered the East Sea to participate in a common rehearsal in the area near Singapore. At the regular news conference in the form of online delivered on October 7, the reporter asked questions about the British carrier and New Zealand guards in the South China Sea, preparing to participate in a large exercise near Singapore. Hmzns Te Kaha New Zealand joined together with 16 battleships of 5 countries on the Philippines on October 3. Photo: New Zealand Defense. Replies on this issue, the Ministry of Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang affirmed that Vietnam's consistency is all activities and cooperation on the sea of countries to comply with The provisions of the Convention on the UN Law of the United Nations (UNCLOS) 1982, contributions to be responsible for the common benefit, in accordance with the aspirations of countries and the law of law, maintaining stable peace, Security and cooperation in the South China Sea

. In a recent announcement, the British Queen Elizabeth aircraft warfare team and New Zeland Te Kaha guardians have entered the East Sea to participate in rehearsal Generally near Singapore, KAHA vessel will be in parallel with the British Queen Elizabeth aircraft war team in about a week operating in the South China Sea, before joining Bersama Gold 21 exercises off Singapore in phase 8 / October 10 - October 16. The Bersama Gold 21 exercise match fights 50 years of defense agreement 5 powers including Australia, England, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. New Zealand Air Force is expected to take a p-3k2 underground splashing aircraft participating in rehearsal

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