Vietnam Tank Team Prepares All Situations Before Competition

At the qualifying tanks tanks in army Games 2021, the Vietnam People's Army Team team will play with red cars. Share with reporters of people who report on some advantages and difficulties of the team, Colonel Phan Hai Long, the leader of the Vietnam Tank Team affirmed that the team will be ready to play with good results. Fighting is red, Vietnam tank team has certain advantages and difficulties. Photo: Trinh DungPlex: Dear comrades, with the results of the lottery selection of car competitions and competitions for the tanks of the construction tank, Vietnam tank team will generally play with teams: butt Ancient, Venezuela and Syria. Comrades can say assessment and judgment of competitors in the same competitions? Colonel Phan Hai Long, Captain of Vietnam Tank Team: Yesterday, the organizers conducted lottery and team Vietnam's tank has a colored car with red with the second round with the second competition, playing with teams: Mongolia, Venezuela and Syria

. The three teams mentioned above are the teams that have participated in the competition In Table 1, there are highly qualified and good performance, in which we highly judged the Syrian team and the Mongol team because at Army Games in 2020, Venezuela did not participate. However, about the general comment, I gave that all teams competing in Table 1 are very highly qualified, very good competition and we greatly appreciate your teams at the Army Games this year. Phan Hai Long, Deputy Chief of Staff Armored Increasing strains, Captain of the Vietnam People's Army Tank Team participated in Army Games 2021
Mitime: Afternoon through the tank team received a car from the organizers, he could tell Preliminary price of the status of the car? Colonel Phan Hai Long, the leader of the Vietnam Tank Team: After the draw yesterday afternoon, on August 16, the Vietnam Tank Team received 4 cars from the team Firms from 17 pm on the same day (Moskva hour). Through inspection of technical status, information systems, weapons equipped with hot test machines, I think the Vietnam tank team has drawn 4 tanks that the organizers are preparing to have love The situation is relatively good. However, there are still some other issues that the team will continue to overcome and do well the preparation and synthesis of issues that are still entangled and asking for the Organizing Committee to replace one Number of talent equipment such as contact information, about the control system of the vehicle ... These issues are right today we will continue to overcome and report the Organizer. Vietnam tank checks the status of vehicles receiving from the Organizing Committee. Performing: Comrades can tell the advantages and difficulties when the team competes with the red car in the qualifier? Colonel Phan Hai Long, The captain of the Vietnam tank team: with the color of competition is the red that the tank tanks are visited, the team has some advantages. For example, when playing, the targets are also red, the team has the advantage of observing, discovering and destroying the target. However, after surveying the yard conditions at the school sports Alabino yesterday showed that this year the Vietnam Tank Tank Organizing Committee (red) is the left side of the left side, adjacent to the standing area
This is an extremely difficult racing with many disadvantages for the Vietnamese team during the competition process. Through each position, each corner of the corner, each of the racers, we find that the The crab segment to navigate is very narrow, so each car competition must be tight, specific, meticulous, scientifically, the combat co-combat is very good to avoid the wrong lane. In addition, there is a new point in this year's competitive regulations that the Organizing Committee pays limit limits between races, so if our team goes wrong or encroached on the lane of other teams Will violations. The Vietnam tank team surveyed the condition of the yard to play at the Alabino School. Survey of yard conditions yesterday, we found that the yard conditions are still organized by the organizers Consolidate and improve. Basically, it is like all sports festivals before but this year the organizers also have some changes. For example, this year the organizers arranged minefields will not be positioned in front of the stands as every year, which is arranged at the corner of the shallow river. This requires a driver's comrade to observe well as well as cautious and accurate in approaching obstacles, avoiding the case of bringing the car on mine piles, the positions are arranged Pham Quy.Procity: Comrades can tell the schedule as well as the advantages and difficulties of each car in the qualifying qualifiers? Colonel Phan Hai Long, Captain of Vietnam Tank Team: with the test schedule Fighting of the team in the qualifying qualifying on 23, 26 and 29/8, up to this time, the entire team thoroughly grasped and perfected the training contents, continuing to do the preparation work. All members of the CAR are ready to enter the competition when assigned to the exam.

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