Vietnam Tank Team Removes The Goal From The Head Shot

During a tanks editing tanks on August 18, at Sports Alabino, Russia, Vietnam's tank team shot hit the target right from the top shot in: 00/3: 16 namtheo registration newspaper, right from the word The first cannon bullet, the team shot hit the target. "The correcting shooting session achieved a relatively accurate result. The team needs to tweak to shoot the bullets hit between the target center. Four cars and each car has coordinated with rhythmic, eating it. After shooting 3 bullets The first cannon, the gunboat changed the car to get used to many vehicles

. If the previous years the team needs 2-3 hours to shoot correction, this time, the team only needs an hour ", lieutenant Van Nghia, coach weapon and translator of the speaking team. Vietnam tank team shot correction. Federal tanks Russia, China, Laos
.. Previously shot correction. Mali Tank Team Attending Army Games 2021 with a car, was arranged to be edited in the home team's tank team. After shooting correction, the Vietnam army tanks team Take a car to the maintenance area, load the supplement of electrical pills, gas tank, grease inspection, car equipment, check the chassis. "I am very pleased with the edit shot. The cars are owned. Good talent, vehicles. There were some incidents that happened but the car overcomes very fast thanks to good training at home. The team is very high
The Vietnam army tank team is ready Entering the competition ", Colonel Phan Hai Long, the leader of the Vietnam army tank team said. Colonel Long also added:" Due to the red lottery, the target beer of the team in the also color competition Red. This is convenient for our team because the Gunners are easier to observe targets. Both the big sun, red beer is also more recognizable. "Tank Biathlon 2021, Vietnam tanks team competition In Table 1 Along with Russian teams, China, Belarus ... in 2018, Vietnam first attended Tank Biathlon to learn and rub with the teams from other countries. Vietnam's tank team is only a few days to get acquainted with T-72B3 tanks, under the guidance of the Russian expert, provided by the Russian landlord side. In 2019, the competition rules are improved With the division of two separate competition tables. Table 1 is strong teams, with extensive experience in operating T-72 tanks. Meanwhile, Table 2 includes weaker assessment teams, which are not familiar with this type of vehicle. Tank Biathlon 2019, Vietnam Tank Team is ranked in Table 2 and causing great surprises to win medals Silver, ranked second after Uzbekistan in the final. At Tank Biathlon 2020, the Vietnamese team once again made a big sound when excelled to win the gold medal in Table 2, surpassing the rivals of Laos, Tajikistan and Myanmar In the Choking finals. With this achievement, at TANK BIENTHLON 2021, the Vietnamese team will win the competence in Table 1. The best preparation for a tank race at Army Games 2021, Vietnam has built a training school "Alabino On the tropical belt "My. / 2020 for the purpose of training for the training for the Vietnam Tank Team to attend the Tank Biathlon Race in the framework of Army Games Military Games 2021. The Vietnam tanker team shot correcting in Ngatu Vu (General )

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