Vietnam Team To Singapore Attends Aff Cup 2020

At noon 1/12, the Vietnamese team with 30 players on the road to Singapore attend the Southeast Asia-AFF Suzuki Cup Football Championship 2020. Do Hung Dung player (right) is well integrated with teammates in Training in Vung Tau. Photo: VFFSau when focusing on training in Ho Chi Minh City. Vung Tau From November 20, from 35 players, Coach Park Hang-seo has withdrawn to register with the 30 players. In the list of teams, in addition to the 3rd round players World Cup 2022, many potential players at all positions were taken to Singapore by coach Park Hang-se

. It can be said that these players are having the current health status, the best performance of the Vietnamese team. The most remarkable point in this focus is the return of Do Hung Dung, the headquarters The column of the national team and Hanoi FC after the treatment of injury since the end of March. According to VFF, Do Hung Dung players completely recovered injuries and integrated very quickly with his teammates in the training In Vung Tau from November 27, there are other interesting points in AFF Cup this time, in the list of teams with many players for the first time in the area playground
Those are the players Nguyen Tuan Anh (2 times the nearest AFF Cup Tuan Anh absent for injury), Tran Minh Vuong (HAGL), Nguyen Hoang Duc (Viettel), Nguyen Thanh Binh (Viettel), Do Thanh Thinh (Binh) Dinh), Tran Van Dat (CAND), Literature Literature (Phu Tho) ... Vietnam team listing AFF Cup 2020. Source: VFFSau for exactly 1 year to suspend because of Covid-19 translation, the ball championship Southeast Asian stones play back and still retain the name "AFF Suzuki Cup 2020". The tournament has 10 teams attended, divided into 2 tables, each table 5 teams. Table A includes Thai, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Timor Leste teams. Version B includes Vietnamese teams (defending champions), Malaysia (Asiacing), Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos. The rings start to play from December 5 and end on December 19. The two teams first each board into the semi-finals / turn from 22-26 / 12
The two winning teams in the semifinals will play the finals / turn on on December 29, 2021 and January 1 / 2022. All matches are held in Singapore. December 6, Vietnam team met Laos team.BT

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