Vietnam Welcomes Aafa To Recommend Us Vaccine Support For Vietnam

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes all the help in the anti-epidemic, including the American Garment Association and Footwear (AAFA) suggesting that the US President supports more vaccines for Vietnam. 9: 00/1: 48 Domain Male "Vietnam welcomes and appreciates all the help of countries and partners in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic", Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Pham Thu Hang answered in a regular press conference In the afternoon of 19 / 8.Ba Hang also said that Vietnam wishes to countries, partners, and international organizations will continue to share information, technology, finance, medical supplies and vaccines soon control and Put back Covid-19. "For his part, Vietnam has also been actively cooperating, contributing to the general efforts of the international community in the prevention and combat of Covid-19", Ms. Hang added

. The Government of Vietnam and the US Embassy in Hanoi at the Covid-19 vaccine receiving ceremony was aid in the evening of July 25. Photo: Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Before, on July 27, AAFA, the organization represents more than 1,000 world famous brands, sending letters to US President Joe Biden for instantly strengthening vaccine distribution Overview of Vietnam and other key partner countries
"Without strengthening the Vaccine distribution in such a goal, Covid-19 will destroy the industries that these countries depend on to Feeding the economy, "said president and CEO of Aafa Steve Lamar written in the letter. Nearly, on August 13, the CEO of 90 US brands also sent a letter to the President Biden, in which Emphasising Vietnam is an economic partner in an important supply chain and is the second largest garment and garment supplier for the US market. Signing in the US President's letter has famous brands Like Nike, Adidas, Gap, Under Armor, Alexander, PVH, Hanes Brands Inc., Brooks Sports, Bayer, Americo, Coach ... Up to now, the Biden President government has a £ 110 million dose aid. CCINE to 65 countries and territories around the world. Vietnam has received 5 million doses of Vaccine Moderna supported by the US government. Ninh An - Quoc Dat

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