Vietnamese Artillery Soldiers Practice Participating In The ‘armi-2021 Weapons Expert

The team of Vietnam armed forces will participate in the 'Weapon Specialist' contest from 23/8 - 4/9 at the Sports of Military Airlines and Artillery in Shahinshehr City, Iran Islamic Republic . International contest "expert weapons" in the framework of the International Military Sports Congress - 2021 takes place from August 23 to September 4 at the school's military school and artillery school Shahinshehr Street, Iranian Muslim Republic. The competition has teams of Russian armed forces, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Iranian host country. In the contest, artillery soldiers need to conduct two stages, including Including the D-30A 122-glass cannon is damaged from the technical position on the base of repair, repairing cannons into the active state along with the deployment of the cannon into the shot position to shoot and confirm The ability to fight against the fighting of the cannon, and conducted the zu-23 aircraft cannon damaged from the base conditions, along with the implementation of repairs. Equipment with a distance of 4 km

. On the move, the Gunners must overcome the obstacles of water, mounds, slopes and muddy terrain areas. After repairing shortcomings, the teams performed from guns Non-room. Normal / VOV-Moscow Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

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