Vietnamese Artists Condolences By Mr. Xa’s Departure Of Giao Linh: ‘now He Goes Away, Leaving A Single Sister’

The list of Elvis Phuong, MC Lu Thoai Phi, My Voice and many other artists painful when or 'guys' news of the deliveries delivered to the campaign. Going to 4 am today in the United States Make many friends, colleagues are not unwind. On the individual page, the overseas singer painted Tuyen expressed: "The brother gave only a gentle sleep. Male tissue Amitabha Buddha ".Danh

. Be confused and disoriented! But in the beginning of the news, I used to go away, I don't know what to do more to share, take somewhat with this too big pain! I know how to write some lines sent to her like you are flying through it (the United States) on your side now! My Ba Giao My Linh! Nearly 40 years of sense of love wife is heavy! Where in the Steps Her art has his companion. Now you go far, b You are a single alone! Is there any loneliness worse. But Ba Ba! You go in gentle! You go like sinking into a deep, peaceful sleep and no dream! It is a comfort for the person who stays lightly to remote! Trade and pray for my sister to be healthy, strong through the day of the storm of separation! "
Sad with the family of Giao Giao Giao Vi My sentence sent condolences to "Mother" Giao Linh: "So the 35-year man of his mother and delivered forever. Dad sang - the feeling of love, gentle of the showbiz, everyone loves and respects. Mother, a gentle mother, the degree of showbiz. Maybe to protect your mother to be peaceful, healthy, soon overcome this loss of pain. My mother ". Ca Elvis Phuong Tam:" Farewell to Mr. Sang. A person is extremely warm, cute and happy with everyone. One shoulder shoulder for more than 35 years now
Giao Linh, trying to overcome this pain! Elvis Phuong is extremely mercilessly loved on him and demanding him to go to the serenity ".NSND Hong Van:" Heaven, suddenly ", the artist wants to be peaceful:" Male model Amitabha Buddha ", MC Quoc Binh expressed: "So sad. I'm always with her around the grave. Hope that she will be strong to overcome sadness. "Over 40 years of life, though there is no common child, the female husband and wife has a happy marriage life.

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