Vietnamese Aviation ‘racing’ Opening The Route Directly To The Us

Both Vietnam Airlines and Bamboo Airways have achieved important steps in Vietnamese trade - USA.0: 00/4: 04 Noubamboo Airways are building a plan to fly straight to Mybamboo Airways just signed an agreement Choose the Genx motor and maintenance package for Boeing 787-9 aircraft worth about $ 2 billion with GE Aviation (the company directly under the General Electric Group) of the United States. It is expected that Genx engines are transferred in 2022 to be used for Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Boeing wide body fleet. This will be the key flying team to exploit the Vietnamese-American direct flight journeys in the future. Bamboo Airways general manager said, choosing GE's new engine and maintenance package for Boeing 787-9 aircraft will increase the efficiency of exploitation and service quality of the Vietnam-American direct flight route, as well as the competitiveness of Bamboo Airways on the potential international routes in the future

. According to Mr. Dang Tất Thang, besides consolidating and expanding its modern fleet, the signing agreement with GE will set a solid foundation to promote this important flight development plan in the future. This will also be an important stepping stance for the company to expand the continent to continue to fly through the continent, connecting Vietnam to the mid-range and long-range markets
Bamboo Airways, this unit has officially announced the Vietnamese-American direct route And launch Aviaworld (AVIAREPS AG joint venture) as a company's official agent in the US market.aviaworld will support Bamboo Airways in procedures and policies with the local government for the service airline air transport; promoting sales and marketing activities, market research; Coordinate management of customer service policies, customer care and flight exploitation in the US ... Bamboo Airways will join the Aviation Report Group (ARC) from October 2021 to prepare for ticket sales over Travel distribution channels in the US market. This is the next big preparation after Bamboo Airways is licensed by the US Transportation Security Bureau (TSA), the first two-dimensional flight series in Vietnam. Conditions allowed, flight routes will go into operation since the beginning of 2022, the starting frequency of 3 trips / week, and will quickly raise to 5 - 7 trips / week on the basis of market demand. In the short term, Bamboo Airways will fly Tan Son Nhat International Airport Journey - San Francisco International Airport, and in the long run will connect with both the Big Airports of California, San Francisco International Airport and Airport Los Angeles International. To serve the international flight plan in general and the US direct route in particular are convenient and safe, Bamboo Airways cooperates with the International Aviation Association (IATA) to apply a Passport Healthy electronic IATA Travel Pass. The first test was officially deployed on the Vietnam-American direct flight of Bamboo Airways on September 23
Subuside, Bamboo Airways plans to include the IATA Travel Pass application on the next international flights. In another development, Vietnam Airlines said it has completed the dossier of application for permission to fly directly from Vietnam - America . Competittune, yesterday September 21, Vietnam Airlines said that it officially completed all documents and preparation for US Transportation Security Department (TSA) to consider approval, on that basis No US Federation (FAA) will grant permission to exploit regular flights between Vietnam and the United States.Vietnam Airlines said regular flights completely different from international flights ( International Special Charter) that some airlines are licensed by the US authorities. Then, the routine flight is carried out regularly according to the flight schedule that the airline announced, unlimited all passenger objects and openly selling spacious tickets at the website, mobile application, ticket office, ... of the airline. All passengers can look up flight schedules, book options, buy tickets at a suitable price according to individual needs on regular flights. In the same international flights It is limited to flight schedules, objects and purposes such as bringing Vietnamese citizens. These flights are only allowed to be exploited during the specified period of time, after the end of the airline has to leave permission from the beginning, Vietnam Airlines has completed all procedures that the airline will need to be prepared to Meet the conditions licensed by US authorities. In particular, meeting the bridges on TSA's security guarantee is the last and most important step.

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