Vietnamese Cosmetics: Touch Points From Packaging Or Quality Inside?

Vietnamese Cosmetics: Touching points from packaging or quality inside? In recent years, beauty industry becomes vibrant with the growth of Vietnamese brands such as Cocoon, Baresoul, GGG, ... can see people Vietnamese consumption is giving more interest for cosmetic brands from Vietnam. Among these can mention Chucos, a name is quite new but impressed with Slogan full of personality: Vietnamese brand because of Vietnamese skin

. Story starting from 2018, with the mission to bring scientific solutions Learning and professional for skin, Chucos has made great efforts for users to be satisfied with their choices. Chucos believes that no one understands "skin language" of Vietnamese than Vietnamese itself. Can see that little brand taking the touch point from the packaging is minimalist instead of sparkling colors, style complex
Besides, Chucos also focuses on true quality inside. The goal of owning the reliability and satisfaction of customers on top; Chucos always shares the truths in the product and skin care methods as well as publicity and transparency in the brand, communication and orientation of the brand. Because chucos believes, every beauty starts from understanding. So lovers who are so beautiful, Foxtly feel that after using Chucos? "Foxtly is a person who loves to use the production Beauty products of Vietnam. Because I love the values created by the Vietnamese themselves. I only share the product if yourself truly experienced the skin long enough and saw the result. Chucos's clay mask is one of the mask products that I find the mind at the moment. " - Excited 8x art director. "With the charm, each brand is a separate personality, but when looking at Chucos I have to say that this is the MINIMAL COSMETIC brand that I always seek in Vietnam market for a long time. I am a believer of the clay mask and after using Glow Softening Masque to say that I love this product from the packaging to quality "- Tiktoker Duyen Truong shares
A true skin care product Not only must ensure factors such as safety use on the skin, but also solve the problems that the skin is encountered. So Chucos has coordinated research and creativity with a team of top specialists and uncle from Korea to personalize scientific and safety skin care processes at home with the desire to bring long value Long and sustainable for the health of the skin. The products of Chucos have surpassed strict inspection by international associations and certifications (FDA, KFQ, KAB, IQNet, ...) and test many times on the skin Before bringing to users. is a proud brand when coming from Vietnam, produced in closed lines with exclusive formulas in Korea. Chucos desires to accompany you to build scientific and safety skin care materials.Chucos - Science on Skint More information about Chucos and purchase at: - Website: Facebook : Instagram: Shopee: Nice Beauty

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