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The originating from the small accident has motivated a female entrepreneur to cherish a daring project: opening e-commerce floor for ecosystems of high-end brands, creating a large breakthrough in the luxury goods market at Vietnam. Small breakdown, great desire to know the market value of the country will increase by $ 1,272 million in 2022 (According to Statista), Phan Kim Thai - Director of Luxury Items Joint Stock Company How to overlook how big the luxury industry development in Vietnam while businesses, agents are still too scattered and not really promoting development. As one of the consequences of poor quality raged in Vietnam in Vietnam, not only losing the prestige of many brands but also damage to 1.82 trillion dollars by 2020 ( According to Global Brand 2018 estimates) this, Kim Thai arises the idea of a convergence ecosystem of brands and trading agents Level, but still have to ensure the true calculation of the product, and follow the true online shopping trend of consumers today. That vision was cherished for many years, and was decided to send a young enterprise Luxury Items Inc

. To realize the dream on.Banner official of Luxury Items Inc. has appeared in Hanoi and Da Nang "welcoming the wind" Metaverse trend in the luxury goods market, when listening to Luxury Items e-commerce floor, it's hard to think about other trade floors are also Rain the wind in Vietnam market
However, according to Kim Thai the difference that Luxury Items E-Commerce is not only focused on the luxury commodity market segment, but also in determination against counterfeiting and lifting experience Purchase of consumers. Not only focus on luxury fashion items like most other commercial pages, Luxury Items Inc. ambition to create a large online commerce floor includes a variety of services, items and fantasy VR tours for big luxury brands. Luxuria Online Luxuria Items wish to become Britannica's High-end items Luxury Items promises to be released later this year for standard aviation, the founders are studying solutions to help authenticate the origin of products, from the technology of entrupy to the appliance Artificial wisdom, learning machine and technology blockchain to find the most effective method. "The project is still very surface because there are too many new things, every day I have to encourage and encourage you to study and do . But I believe we will gain our ambition and come to where we need to come, "said Phan Kim Thai." I believe with a transparent and sustainable business philosophy, we can help The luxury market in Vietnam becomes a place to welcome the trend of this Metaverse trend, "said Phan Kim Thai, director of Luxury ITEM Young Enterprise, which looks with Phan Kim Thai, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hiep, investor cum advisor to close Luxury Items' joint stock company emphasizes, "consumers are willing to spend a huge cost to bring about items very meaningful to them, so they deserve a proportional experience. One of the ways to bring that experience is how to let buyers can just stay at home but can participate in Gucci or Versace shopping sessions, just attending remote auction events The most authentic slag is not inferior to the real experience, which is Luxury Items Metaverse ". Nguyen Minh Hiep - Investor and close advisor of the companyMetaverse by Oxford dictionary is a combination of Meta prefix - (ie "Beyond, change") and the -verse suffix in Universe (ie the universe) forms a word that literally "a universe that surpasses all"
"When I learned about Metaverse times First, I know this is where Luxury Items will grow the most fertile. And when I mentioned my thoughts with investors and also my experienced mentor, both of us have made sure this must be the destination of Luxury Items ", Kim Thai said. Estimates of Bloomberg Intelligence, Metaverse's market value can reach US $ 800 billion in 2024. And this is also the reason Kim Thai shakes to make e-commerce flooring Luxury Items. "Starting from using Matterport technology to turn the partner's showrooms and boutique to organize VR tours. Because our partners are very diverse, stretching from yachts, supercar to high-end real estate, so increase the connection between them with potential customers is very important, "Kim Thai affirmed . However, it became the first person to have complicated problems. From the stage of finding a suitable personnel to marketing strategies, everything is almost not ready for this big change. "Not only the Vietnamese market, it is actually difficult to convince anyone ability Development of something they can not fully imagine

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