Vietnamese Intellectuals Abroad Comment On Internal Vaccines

Dr. Do Minh Si, Director of Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Joint Stock Company said, up to the present time, based on the test results, the Nanocovax vaccine is relatively safe, most volunteers When the injections have a mild or non-response response.0: 00/3: 34 NAMTS Do Minh Si, Director of Nanogen Company Development, research, production and testing units of Nanocovax Vaccine. (Photo: VNA) to continue listening to the comments of overseas Vietnamese experts have expertise, experience with related issues of research, testing, processes and procedures for Covid room vaccine -19, especially in the current emergency situation, in the afternoon of August 20, the State Committee for overseas Vietnamese, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates the committee on overseas Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City held Online seminars with the theme "Expert specialists join hands across the pandemic - Vaccine Made in Vietnam". Chi Minh and some experts of overseas specialists and experiences in the field of health

. Overview of Vaccine Nanocovax Division Covid-19 at the seminar, Dr. Do Minhi, Director of Research and Development Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Joint Stock Company said that Covid-19 room vaccine is being researched and developed on 3 main technologies (mRNA, protein recombination and vector). Anogen has studied and produced protein recombinant vaccines (using only harmless antigen pieces of microorganisms most suitable to stimulate appropriate immune response)
The biggest advantage of this vaccine is high safety, capable of creating a good immune response.Ts Do Minh Si said, up to the present time, based on the test results, the Nanocovax vaccine is relatively safe, Most volunteers when injected with mild or non-side effects; The serum response index of the serum of the injection of the injection is higher than the serum of the person with Covid-19 has gone from the disease. Igy Life Sciences Science, Professor of Arizona University, said that in the scientific basis, vaccines based on safe and realistic recombinance protein technology showed that the Nanocovax vaccine creates good neutral antibodies (According to the test results stage 2). At the seminar, the comments suggested that, with 3 standards of spread, the slightness of the person with Covid-19, the Covid-19 room vaccine is The fastest and safest way to achieve community immunity. In current conditions, units need to focus on testing and evaluating the clinical criteria of Nanocovax vaccine with the entry of epidemiological professionals Prestige and experience. Currently, Nanocovax is used based on the safety of phase 3 with the recommendation of the injector to strictly implement the 5k message ... Besides, experts discuss the operation mechanism of SARS-COV-2 virus as well as role Important of vaccines in pushing down the disease, evaluating the effectiveness of mixing 2 vaccines; Assessing additional injections of some countries around the world in front of Delta transformation; The testing and orientation process of the expansion when Vietnam's vaccine is widely used .
. Speaking at the end of the seminar, Deputy Foreign Affairs Pham Quang Hieu, Chairman of the State Committee on Vietnamese people in the country In addition to emphasis, comments and discussions of speakers, specialists who have brought a comprehensive way of viewing, science on vaccines as well as clinical trial problems, licensing for use of Covid room vaccine- 19.Gia receiving comments, sharing experiences and important recommendations of experts, Deputy Foreign Ministers said they will synthesize and report to the Government's working group on diplomacy Vaccine, transfer to the Specialized agency referenced in the production process, licensing the use of vaccines. With the close guidance of Party and Government leaders, the joint contribution of domestic and overseas experts, venue Quang Trung trust, Vietnam will succeed in the production of "Made in Vietnam" vaccine, implementing effective vaccine strategies , soon restrained and repel the epidemic .TXVN

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